Hi everyone


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:) Hi everyone

Thought id say a quick hello! Few of you may know me from other forums, been looking on here for a while now so thought id finally register!
I have been on cambridge since January and lost nearly 6 stone. I have another 2-3 stone to lose before I get to my goal weight.
Was going great guns, then went on holiday, had loads of birthdays etc and its all gone a bit pete tong! I have only put on 2 pounds so could be ALOT worse but been stuck at this weight for SOOOOO long now and desperate to get some more off. So day one of SS was today and not feeling too great but determined to shift the rest of my flab! Just been reading a thread about water and i must admit I am terrible some days i dont even get a litre down me, where as other days i can manage about 3 but its obviously not enough! its the millions of toilet trips that i find such a nightmare!
Anyway hope to get to know you all and give and receive as much support as ive already had from people I find it really helps me a lot.
Take care xx
Hi bubbles,

Welcome to MiniMins and mega congratulations on losing 6 stone that is tremedous weight loss and also congrats on only gaining 2 lbs.

You got to try and get your water down as it is essential you replace the water you normally get from food. Water is needed by the kidneys and for continued good health.

Your body adjusts back to the water and while at the start you seem to spend most of your day in the loo, this does ease off.

I am now back one week and feel I am well into the swing of it again.

Love Mini xxx
Hi Bubbles,how r u doing !!
Welcome aboard u will find quite a few faces u recognise xx
Hi hun im fine thanks, feeling quite positive! how you doing?
ive recognised quite a few names so far and be great to get to know everyone else as well.

Thanks Mini I will try my best with the water this week sure it gets easier as everything does, just bit of a pain at work having to keep getting up every half hour! x
Hiya bubbles,

You've done really well to lose nearly 6 stone! Don't feel bad about putting on 3lbs, that's nothing to worry about, just get yourself back onto CD as determined as you were in January and don't feel guilty about your blip.

I find that I can usually manage up to 4 litres per day most days, but it took me a couple of weeks to build up to it. I wasn't big water drinker to begin with but can't seem to get enough of it now! haha!

Have you tried the water flavourings from Cambridge? The berry one is quite nice, we can also drink Perfectly Clear Strawberry and Kiwi which is quite nice but gives me the burps if i drink too much!:eek:

Any questions you have and someone will be more than happy to help you along your way to losing your last 2-3 stones.

Thanks for the warm welcome!
I have tried the flavourings but didnt really like them much! I was drinking a lot of strawberry and kiwi does it count as water intake I was never too sure about that!
Ive started going back to the gym again as I had a break from that for far too long so trying to go at least 3 times a week. Just joined one right opposite where I work so cant make any excuses about not going now! it is lovely and I get all the classes as part of my membership so now do aqua aerobics on a friday which is a lot more fun than I thought it would be!
I just need to get back into the routine I was in when I started. Think partly why I am finding it so hard is that I now get compliments nearly every day from people at work as I work at a place with around 500 people so there is always someone new saying something nice, and Ive got a bit complacent about it and also being 6 stone lighter im probably not as desperate as I was back in January! people speak to me as if Ive done it and got to goal but i havent quite got there yet so although its great hearing it I need to get back to being 100% focused!
Bubbles, it goes to show how well you must be looking when you get so many compliments and how supportive people are in general.

With an attitude like yours you will have that extra bit off in no time:D
I hope so fingers crossed!
I know deep down I look much better than I did but i still struggle some days and still see a massive person in the mirror, I think I need to work out my head stuff as well as my weight! :)
You're doing all the right things bubbles! Keep it up:D

My friends have been telling me that I shouldn't lose any more weight but I keep telling myself "just one more stone" or even a bit less and I'll be really happy with myself! I'm only 4ft 11 so can't afford to weigh much more than 8 1/2 stones.

Hiya Vicky.. great to see you on here hun:D:)
You've done great with the loss so far.. it's fantastic:):D
I totally agree with you about how hard it is to remain focused for the last couple of stone.. I'm at that point myself and am struggling TBH.. the head stuff is deffinately a hard one to tackle but I'll keep working on it till I get to where I want to be.. weight and head wise!!!!:eek: I'm sure you will too:):):):):):)

love xxxxxx
Hey Bubbs....said this on another thread but it is great to have you on here sweetie! Obviously "home" is where the heart is but you'll enjoy MiniMins!!! ;) :)
Hiya Bubbles, welcome to Minimins - we all seem to have migrated from DH to here now