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Hi everyone

Just thought I would introduce myself as I have been reading this forum for a couple of weeks now.
I'm 15 weeks and 4 days pregnant with my second baby. My first daughter is three.
After reading all your posts I see alot of you are doing slimming world. I have all the books but am thinking I might go to meetings also.
My start weight was 14st 8 and so far I have gained between 3-5lbs as I seem to fluctuate! Which is very usual for me! :)
I'm hoping not to put to much weight on this time as i Never lost my baby weight from my daughter, in fact I put on another stone!
And this time I'm trying for a VBAC and I think it will be easier if I don't pile on the pounds!

Looking forward to chatting to you all! x
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Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to the forum. :D xxx
Thank you guys!

Just wondering has anyone had or know of anyone who has had a successful vbac?
Also I'm reading the hypnobirthing book.....has anyone else had experience with it? I'm looking for some natual pain relief at home so hopefully I can go to hospital last thing! cheers


A pound at a time
I'm planning my vba4c. When I'm done I'll post the story. I am doing the hypnobabies home study course, so I will let you know how that works as well.
That would be lovely thank you.
I am doing hypnobirthing which I think is different to hypnobabies, think i'll have to find out which one is better?
My husband is very nervous about the vbac, as i dont want cfm....i'm very excited!
I'm really enjoying what i've done so far with hypnobirthing, it does make me feel relaxed.
Will you be attending a class fatfighter? There are some in my area so I think I will go although it will cost me around 200-250 quid! But for the birth I want this time around it should be money well spent! Thats if it works!!! x


wannabe yummy mummy
I haven't attended a class, my friends mum is a hypnotherapist so have gone through it all with her :) If you're going to attend a class make sure you like the practitioners voice as some of the materials I bought were so irritating to me I ended up buying more lol. I've been doing the rainbow relaxation and positive affirmations at least every other day and in a few weeks will start the glove technique and the labour and birth exercises too. Do you have the Marie Mongan book? Well worth a read, even if you only borrow it from the library. It helps if your partner is involved from the beginning too. Good luck!
yeah thats the book I bought from amazon. I wanted to read the book and see if i liked it first before going to a class. I haven't booked one yet going to wait until about 30 weeks before going to a class I think. Will practice from the book at home.
Husband is not to into at the mo! But he will be dragged kicking and screaming! : ) I'm sure he will enjoy it when he gets into it! He's very supportive about what I'm aiming for and I want him to feel more involved this time around so hypnobirthing sounded good!
Not good listening to an irritating voice when your trying to relax! :)


wannabe yummy mummy
I found the CD that came with the book immensely annoying lol. To have a successful hypnobirth your partner needs to be 100% in tune with what you want as when you're in your relaxed state it's up to him to communicate with the maternity staff on your behalf. My DH was really cynical at first but once he'd talked to the hypnotherapist who's been doing it with me he read the book and now even does the exercises with me sometimes :) I wouldn't leave it any later than 30 weeks to start going to classes coz to get into a proper deep relaxation it takes effort and practice so the earlier you start with your affirmations and relaxation the better.
Hope it goes well for you :)

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
hi and welcome , please excuse my ignorance but what is vbac ??

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
sorry guys , just googled it !!!weird as it applies to me too as i had an emergency c section at 30 weeks and not sure which way too go this time !!
I totally agree with you fatfighter.
I will be going to hospital to have my baby but the one i'm with now want constant fetal monitoring and I don't want that at all!:( so i've told that I will compromise! 15-20 mins per hour! or I will just refuse what I don't want on the day! I want to be in hospital because I live almost 40 mins away from the nearest to me and Just won't feel totally comfortable at home if anything were to go wrong like during my last labour. Thats why I'm doing hypno, so hopefully I can stay home for longer.:) I kinda want a Home birth but in the safty of being right at the hospital because i do live a good drive away.
I think my husband feels the same as yours! My husband is going to read the book also, I explained to him that he will be my voice so will have to be totally with me and know what I want! I know he will be, he's just concerned about the fetal monitoring.

Hi sukie, at first I was totally focused on a c-section but after a couple of weeks I totally changed my view and just new that if I didn't try to get what I want this time I would feel so disappointed. I have researched Vbac so much!:)

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