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Hi everyone

S: 20st13lb
Just wanted to introduce myself.

I'm Gill, i'm 29 and have been married for just over a year and have a wonderful cocker spaniel.

I weigh just about 22 stone and don't want to be this anymore so went to see a CDC today and i'm starting tomorrow, the same day i start my new job not sure if this is a good thin or not but seemed a good idea to me, being in that everyone will see that i'm not eating therefore won't offer me things.

I will be on sole source and am on 3 shakes a day which will include 1 tetra at lunchtime.

So i shall be visiting you all for moral support, is there anything i should know before i start

If you got this far, well done
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Hi Gill. welcome to cd, the only thing i can tell u is... drink lot's of water and don't cheat,lol, good luck with the diet and the new job.


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Welcome Gill, (Sorry long post!!!) as you probably have read, the first fews days are the worst and once you get over them you will be fantastic.. Drink plenty of water - anything from 2.5 - 4 litres (don't do 6), you will be running too and fro from the toilet constantly!! Your tetra, if you like them ice cold... pop them in the freezer tonight and take out tomorrow when you go to work, by the time lunch comes it will be like a thick cold milkshake..hhhmmm or ice cream depending what time you get up and what time u have lunch!! (if you understand).... See how you feel with the shakes, I found that I needed to split them into 2 as they were too rich for me to start with, but try them and see how they grab you!!... You will be amazed at how quick the weight comes off and keep this is mind for those first few days... Also what helps me is to set myself small goals say every 7lbs treat yourself (but not with food)... I also treated myself to an expensive top that I loved from monsoon and hung it up by the side of the computer with before photos (don't forget them and measurements!!), my list of goals and what I want to be (i.e. healthy, sexy etc)... This is just what works for me... and once I get myself sorted healthwise I will be raring to go again...Oh and last of all, come on minimins if you need help, support or to stop you going near the choccie biscuits, someone will always be on here to talk you out of it...Sorry for the long post and if you have got to the end, best wishes and good luck on your weight loss journey!!Love

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And welcome to minimins, this is a great place to be & you'll be in good hands. Everyone here are amazing & will give you loads of advice & plenty of support. One big piece of advice when you start CD loads of water :tear_drop:, the saying is "the more you drink the more you shrink" & it is so true. Good luck with your start tomorrow!!!

I look forward to reading your posts & hearing you shrink, good luck!....xxx
Hiya Gill :) Glad you found it. Are you excited yet about tomorrow? I'm on my 5th litre of water today, think i'm gonna devise a chair that's a toilet too lol mind you i should think of the extra exercise teehee
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Welcome Gill, I am at the end of week one and I can assure you it is well worth it. Stick with it the first few days will be tough but as everyone has said water is the answer.

Good luck and let us know how you are doing.

:wavey:hello and welcome gill, wishing u well with ur weight loss journy cd is fab and ur sure to do well on it, keep us posted with how ur getting on, and remember this is a great place to come onto for lots of help advice and support, the daily thread is v,good to, oh and as others have said glug away on plenty of water:tear_drop::tear_drop: i normally do 4ltrs a day!!!
good luck and enjoy hun:)


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Welcome Gill. This diet is the best and although the first week will be really hard the results are fabulous if you persevere.

Water really is the key so aim for 4 litres a day if you can. And when you need support or a kick up the bum, come on here, there's always someone around to listen to you.

Best of Luck.
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Welcome aboard Gill. The best of luck with your weight loss journey; take all the good advice you've been given here and the weight will melt away in no time :)


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Hello and Welcome Gill.

I hope today is going well for you.

I wish you every success with your CD journey - my CDC told me when I started that if you give the diet 100% then you will get 100% back in results and sometimes even more and in my experience I have found this to be true :p.

Keep glugging the :tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop: - it is your new best friend ;).

And of course lets not forget your other new best friend.... Minimins!!!!!!! Even though my close friends and family (and my cdc!!) have been really supportive about me doing SS they have no idea what it is actually like and I believe that being able to come on here and read about others experiences, concerns and successes has been instrumental in keeping me motivated and focused for the last 4 months.

Good luck with day one of CD and your new job!!


Wants to be a loser!
Sorry I forgot to say in my other post - I see you are based in Norfolk.

Myself and a few of the other guys from Minimins based in and around Norfolk are going to be meeting up Saturday 6th October. We have not set the venue or time yet but the date is booked so if you fancy coming along for a good old chat about anything and everything you will be very welcome. I have popped the link to the thread about the meet if you would like to come along.

I think about 10 or so of us will be coming along including a few cdc's aswell as CD'ers.

S: 20st13lb
OMG you are all so wonderful, i wasn't expecting to come back to so many lovely messages, thank you all so much.

I'm now going to post a day one report to let you all know how it's going, hope that is okay


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