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Hi everyone!


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I have done WW, SW, Rosemary Conley, Shakes, the list goes on....

I am considering calorie counting but need abit of advice.

Which is the best book to buy (UK) for calories? I bought one previously and didn't find it that easy to use.

Is there a website for help on calories in basic products like meat etc?

I have worked out my daily calorie allowance and think it might be the way to go.

Any advice or info will be much appreciated. :D:D:D
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I wouldn't go for a book. They're a bit too labourious for such things.

I personally use loseit(google for the link). It's great, has calroies for almost everything.

When I don't find something I simply google it, e.g "How many calories in X FOOD" X being what ever food/drink you're trying to find the calories for.

Then once you know the calories you can add a custom food and put the calories, name and all that manually. Once you've done that you can in future use that custom food again, handy if you eat a certain food frequently but it's not on the list.

What I also do if I can't find something but I know the calories from the back of the packet is I simply choose something which is similar, i.e coke for pepsi, fanta or whatever. Then just adjust the calories of the similar product to match what you're having.

Good luck.


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Hi Alioreily, First of all - welcome to the forum.
I too am doing the CC and have found that a little book I bought is very helpful. It is pocket sized and costs only a few pence and you can buy it online. It's called the Collins gem Carb Counter but also gives Calories, Fibre, Protein and Fat breakdown of numerous foods including a variety of such things like McDonalds Meals etc.

Wish you all success in your venture. Take care ....:)

Btw, Don,t forget to get a diary up and running so we can find you to offer lots of help and encouragement and see how you are progressing...


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Hey alioreilly. Welcome to the forum. I found this tool quite handy to help me work out roughly how many calories I should eat:

How Many Calories Do I Require To Lose Weight?

I always write down what I eat and try not to generalise on calories to start with (or at least always err on the side of caution and go higher than you think).

When I don't find something I simply google it, e.g "How many calories in X FOOD" X being what ever food/drink you're trying to find the calories for.
Oh and I do the same as kimlo :)

Good luck x


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Try myfitnesspal :) it's a free calorie counting website that will also work out your daily cal intake for you and adjust it as you lose weight :) (as your weight decreases so will your cal allowance) you can also log your exercise on there and it will give you an estimate on how many cals you have burned based on your weight. A lot of us from minimins use it :) there's a thread somewhere with all our usernames on so you can add us all!!!

Definitely get a diary up and I'm sure everyone will help with any questions you have!!

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Yes as Lego said myfitnesspal is fab, I couldn't do CC without it. It's also nice that lots of us from here are on it, so we can see how each other is doing and offer support / motivation. :)


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Welcome along ali.. I'm a mfp fan as well as legomom said lot's of us on there already...Good luck :)


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Going to jump in with another scream of My fitness pal! I use the ap for my smartphone all the time xD

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