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Hi everyone

Heya im neil (wildduck) call myself wildduck because its my snowboard make. Im here like the rest of you really to help keep motorvated, to motorvate, give tips and get tips. Im a friendly person and will help in any way. Im sorry for my bad grammer ive never been very good.

Im hoping to lose weight for my brothers wedding in december, but will carry on my healthy eating and exercise for life. I hate my body now and have the perfect example of man boobs, i took a picture of myself a just over week ago and they sagged while standing, over the week they have disapeared and ive lost 3/4 stone. My belt buckle tightened not from saving money but to keep my trousers up lol... I feel great and think im getting addicted to the gym... Every weekday i work out on the weights mainly as they burn more fat for longer than walking or running but i still do cardio everyday too. Ruffly spred my time to 30 minutes walking/running and 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours of weights... I work different body parts every day im also eating 5 times aday and drinking ever hour im awake, i cut out fizzy drinks, chocolate, fast food(take aways) and buiscuts....

Once the 1st week is over it feels great..
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Hi Neil, welcome to the forum :D

Best of luck with your weight loss journey! x


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Thank you lauriel :), all the very best to yourself too...

cheers! Im on my 4th day of LT.
Its not been plain sailing so far between headaches, nausea and feeling of weakness lol.. Today is the first day I woke up without a headache, unfotunately it has started to creep back :sigh: bleuurrghhh!!!
Davina well help you, :D remember this saying " only when we take our eyes of the goal do we notice hurdles in our path" every time you want something bad for you remember that lol mad but works for me..
Ride threw it but what is L.T? Also if your feeling sick n bad your not having enough food and your body will hold on to the fat so its harder to lose, try eating a bowl of pasta, use tinned tomatos and mush out the juice to thicken it then put in saucepan and let it reduce more, i then add veg and chili (spicy food helps matabilism) and then throw the pasta in mix and serve..


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LipoTrim....Its a ketotic state induced diet only available from pharmacists or GPs.

Im not feeling iffy today, just a bit heady. The first 3-4 days are the hardest while your body is going to the ketotic state..My first weigh-in is this Sat, if Im not happy I'll stop!
Thanks for the recipe! I'll not be able to eat it whileIm on this diet though!
Sorry loriel my phone didnt show the comment where you explained, it sounds like a hard diet plan, hope it works for you :D
Sorry loriel my phone didnt show the comment where you explained, it sounds like a hard diet plan, hope it works for you :D
lol..No worries :)

I have my first weigh-in this Sat, so I'll see what results I get. Im unsure as to whether I could continue doing it for another month or so, I feel hungry today :confused: Im well hydrated - you have to drink a river of water on this diet! I've had so much today I can't face anymore!
If it doesn't work out I'll revert back to my low-carb diet and mack it at the gym...I am unable to use the gym on LipoTrim because you can over-burn and feel rubbish! :sigh: Hard for me cos I love the gym!
It sounds like a mad diet tbh, i hate drinking but have to now, if found a real passion for the gym now too and get restless if i dont go, hopefully the river you drank has paid off...

I just calery count only aloud 1650 aday but get around 1300... To keep me going and not feeling hungry..

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