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Hi Girls - Another question????????

Hi girls

I was just wondering what everyones plans are months down the road. I have the notion that I will do CD till at least Christmas and then perhaps change to Slimming World so that I can change the way I eat for life. I have just spoken to a good freind who told me that they did the CD diet years ago but as soon as they started eating the pounds piled on. I really dont want to be on CD for life, for one thing I cant afford it and second of all it cant be the best option.

So I suppose I am asking two questions really for those of you just embarking on this journey what are your thoughts when you reach your goal and szecondly for those of you who are at goal are you finding it easy to do maintainance and are you still adopting CD in your life.

Thanks for your thoughts:confused:
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I will get to goal .....

I plan to SS for as long as I am allowed and then work up the CD plans. I gather from the posts on here that the CD plans are designed to help us get used to food (in particular carbs) gradually and re-educate ourselves about making healthy options. Fingers crossed that should mean that we stay slim forever!!
Hi there

I'm hoping to be near enough finished by christmas and afterwards i am going to adopt weight watchers style eating. I know their diet so well and i think the core plan would suit me as it doesnt involve any measuring, just healthy food. I think following that plan would keep me at goal. xx


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I'm not going to be at goal until next year but I intend to fully follow the programme until I am at goal weight. Then I think I'll be so afraid of ever being fat again that I will have healthy food choices ingrained into me. Also I will nto feel so self concious when exercising so I intend to go to the gym much more than I do now.

I hope to be at goal by Christmas, but then, like Jodie, I know the WW plan inside out, so plan to adopt that to keep me on the straight and narrow (after I've done the CD steps). I really think that I'll love the feeling of being slim sooo much that I won't put on loads!

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I'm hoping to get back to where I was before I had a Depo Provera jab in Feb (13st) on CD and then re-assess. That'll probably take until the new year.

Then maybe move up to the 1000 plan for another couple of stones or perhaps do the low GI / GL thing. I'm insulin resistant and diabetic so can't ever 'do carbs' like other people ... so I'll definitely have to have some sort of plan in place for when food becomes a reality again.

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I would like to keep my options open. I know how to do the SW diet like the back of my hand, but then I would like to see how CD plans out too.
I'm planning to sole source until I get to a BMI of 28 then review. I have PCOS and am insulin resistant so will probably follow the steps up on Cambridge and then revert to GI/Gl diet. Once I get to BMI of 28 I can have more fertility treatment so will have to just be sensible about my eating whilst having treatment. After having lost 4 stone and feeling so fab I can't see me putting too much weight back on (apart from hopefully baby weight!)
Thanks for your replies I guess I am just worrying about when food is reintroduced. I love this diet I really did think that I would find It hard but I havent. It is also the first diet in years I have done where I can see the end result, purely because I know that this diet will work for me. Most of all I love minimins because the people in my life have no idea what I am going through so its nice to talk to people who are walking my walk.


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Most of all I love minimins because the people in my life have no idea what I am going through so its nice to talk to people who are walking my walk.
So true - this is why minimins is so close to my heart. I swear I would not have come as far as I have done without minimins :).

I am getting close to goal now and have decided that once I am done working through the plans that I am going to adopt a low GI/GL approach to my eating and keep a very watchful eye on my portions!! In retrospect I think between them portion size and high GI carbs have been my downfall in the past.

Personally, I feel it is only natural to be apprehensive about the re-introduction of food especially when you read/hear about people who lose weight with CD only to put some/all/more back on again - but then re-gain seems to happen with some people even after conventional diets and not just CD :rolleyes:. However, the flip side is that there are also many people that maintain their weight loss after finishing CD eg Icemoose and Kariondieting, Fuzzy Angel, CanIreallydothis just to name a few.

Low GI, portion control, regular exercise and positive mental attitude - thats my plan. Will it work? Well we shall see :)

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