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Hi everyone my names Amy and im 22 years old i live in kent with my partner. I weight 20 stone and today i went to my local hospital to see a surgeon about having a gastric band fitted i was refused point blank. i have already tried slimming tablets from the doctor they did work but i didnt like the side affects, so i have booked an apointment for thursday 19th jan 2012 to see my doctor and to ask about starting lioptrim. i have servir polycystic overies and have put 5 stone on in just under 4 years i would really like to start trying for a baby but untill i lose the weight the doctor will not assist me with any fertility help.

i would really like to hear from all of you on lt and hear your stories.

thank you and i apoligies for any spelling mistakes i have tried to correct them but my dyslexia does not help lol

thank you again Amy x
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Hello Amy, welcome to this amazing site, im also new. Found it yesterday. Im on the slimming world PLAN... Not diet... It's really easy have you ever tryed this eating plan? I could write a essay if ur interested lol. :) xx


Hi All,

I'm new to this site too and in a very similar position to you, Amy, I'm 32 this year, 5ft 5 and weigh in at 19st 13.5 pounds, I suffer from,QT syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Endometriosis, Lymphoma, Have a Pineal Cyst in my Brain, I self Harm and have a very long history of attempted suicide.

In 2004, I bought a house with my partner who I have been with now for 10 years, I had always struggled with my weight, as it's in the family.... I then became very ill i found out i had a tumour, i had an intense operation to remove an internal cranial tumour that was taken from between my temple and my brain, it was the size of a golf ball, and altho the operation was completely successful, after surgery I fell Ill with allsorts of other problems, because I have stupid body, and it went into shock with having the surgery, so over the year these things gradually debilitated me in areas of my day to day life trouble walking, lifting etc....
I was put on so much medication and pain relief which causes weight gain too.

I then fell pregnant for the first time in 2006, and found out when I was 3 months, but unfortunately it resulted in a ectopic pregnancy, I had 1 tube taken away and i was heartbroken about it all and after that operation it made all my complaints worsen more as my body doesn't respond well to surgery.

Iv now got in a such a rutt of being poorly, being in a depressed state of mind, doing nothing all day being bored comfort eating, feeling sorry for myself, eating and eating, before I know it iv ballooned and piled on 9st in 6 years.

I felt I needed to get this of my chest, so 2012 can be my year, and I can eventually stop feeling sorry for myself and start as I mean to go on and become healthy again with the support from anyone that understands and maybe then my other half will eventually propose, I can get married and start trying for a baby.

Thanks for listening, and sorry for rambling xoxo
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Good to take a stand and do something about your weight. You cannot do anything about medical conditions but you can do this. Stay strong, good luck and keep us informed. Cheers.