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Hi i'm new here! looking for some advice

Hi Im new to this thread, I have started SW from home. done it a few years back before quickly getting pregnant and stopping!! anyway this is my third day and I was wondering if someone can advise if i am doing ok?

Breakfast - All bran with milk (HEA1) and banana
Lunch JKT with beans and cheese (HEA2)
Dinner sweet and sour chicken (5 syns for sauce) chicken as (HEB2)

Free foods snacked on during the day - banana, 2 x WW yogurt, coffee

Syns sugar - 2
milk - 0.5
sweet n sour sauce 5
choc finger 1.5 total 9 syns

Breakfast - All bran with milk (HEA1) and banana

Lunch JKT with beans and cheese (HEA2) AGAIN lol!!

Dinner - Pasta with free pasta sauce (quark oninons and mushrooms.....was yuk!!)

HEB2 - 3 babybel lights!

Free snacks - bananas, grapes strawberries quark with banana and straberry mixed yum! cucumber

Sugar 1
Highlights 2
kitkat 5 total - 8



Breakfast - All bran with milk (HEA1) and banana and strawberries
Lunch - Mugshot (0.5 syn)
Dinner SW chips 1 egg and beans

free food snacks banana strawberries, apple,

HEA2 - some milk as a drink! measured
HEB2 - some cheese measured

Sugar - 1
highlights 2
ww toffe apple yog 0.5
tiny slice of home made cake 5
thai mugshat 0.5
kitkat 5

total 14 syns!!!

So I have been doing green days so far, going to do red tomorrow!

I just wanted some feed back because I am feeling REALLY blubbery!! so wanted a second opinion on how I am doing. I go to the gym 2-3 times a week so hoping this will aid me!

Any advice greatfully received..

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you havent done anything wrong but I dont think youre having enough to eat especially superfree. A MUGSHOT IS NOT ENOUGH!!!I would vary your foods a bit more as well. Its easy to fall off the wagon if you eat too many similar foods.Have you tried extra easy?that may help as well.MAKE SURE YOU DRINK LOTS OF WATER.Good luck -hope it helps.

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Louisedan is right. I eat more than that and I have a gastric band Hun!!
Try and vary what you eat, otherwise you will get bored. Have a look at the food diary section on here to give you some ideas also.

Good luck!



Slow but sure....
I'd be fainting away, try to eat more if you can, the SW diet is so versatile, so you should be able to eat a lot more than you are, good luck.

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