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Hi Im new here

Hi everyone Im new to WW and the pp plan. I have always been a true believer of the sw way up until now :).

I am in my 4th week of the plan and have so far lost 6.5lb, next wi tomorrow, it might not sound like a lot, but to me it is fab, so Im very happy.

I am loving the plan, I dont feel restricted at all, although I would like to find some new recipes as I feel I am struggling with filling lowish pp things to take for my lunch, any ideas would be more than welcome
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Hello welcome :) I only joined/started last Monday so its my first weigh in tomorrow eek. You have done fab though! xxx
Hey elliejk, well done on your loss so far.

For lunch (though i work nights but class it as my lunch) i take 3 piece's of fruit, apple, pear & banana (not everytime i try and vary my fruit so i dont get bored) a 1 ppoint yoghurt and i've also been taking some melba toast 2pp and some philly or lowlow cheese spread 2pp.

Its only 5 pp for my luch and filling enough on a 9 hour shift.

Hi elliejk

Congratulations on ur loss so far. I take WW soup to work with me in a little flask and a slice of brown bread and an apple. Keeps me nice abc warm and full till dinner. I bought a WW book that is just full of soup recipes and most are really simple and really low in points. Hope this helps!
Hi, I'm newish too, only my second weigh in tonight. I used to be a slimming world girl too but found I ate far too much 'free' food and I'm finding WW a lot better as I'm learning to control my portions. Good luck! :)
Welcome and well done on your losses so far.

I find 0 point soups are a life saver and now I'm into making Veg chili too. If you look in the into ww pro points recipe sub folder you'll see a thread on 0points. Sorry I can't give you the link I'm on my android app so can't paste the link.

Good luck x
Well done on your losses... sounds like plenty to me hon. I only lost 10lb in 10 weeks... and I'm happy enough averaging a pound a week :)
For lunch I sometimes have a WW bagel which is only 4pp. Sometimes I'll toast it with jam or I'll put some ham on or chicken. Soup is a real low pp option if you fancy it. There are 0pp soups or there are heinz WW soups (the tomato one is fab) but I do find these dont fill me for long (I'm a hungry lass). Today for lunch I had chicken with noodles (Working from home so made something "nice") for 8pp.
Anyways, keep at it! good luck x
Welcome to the plan. Ive been here 3 weeks this is the start of my fourth week and ive lost 3lbs im still trying to work out how best the plan works for me as im having trouble eatting weeklys seems when i do i gain x good luck in your journey though x

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