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  1. Zebedee

    Zebedee Member

    Just wanted to say hi
    I'm starting this week on 5.2

    Lost 4 stone on lighterlife in 2009 - but put back 4.5 over the following 4 years.
    Tried everything in between - need to give this a proper go after dabbling a couple of times.

    Found the support on minimins fab in 2009 so fingers crossed I can do it again with your help!!

    Who has been doing this for longer than a few months - and is it working????

    Thanks in anticipation
    Zeb x
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  3. Zebedee

    Zebedee Member

    Day 1 done : exante vanilla shake 201 cals; exante bar 215; broccoli, carrots ,spoon of potato approx 100 cals . Looking forward to breakfast!
  4. Hi your story sounds very similar to mine. I'm really interested in this and wondered if u could give me more info on how it works xx
  5. Zebedee

    Zebedee Member

    I watched the michael mosely documentary a few months back and it seemed to make sense, and as im used to having 500 cals on LL so sounded great.medically add well as losing weight wise_ I tried a couple of times before but my head wasn't ready for it. I am now though so I'll keep you posted on how easy it is! I'm planning on doing a fast (500cals) n either Sunday or Monday depending on family stuff and then again on Wed or Thurs - depending on if I am going out at night or not.
  6. Rachgleeson

    Rachgleeson Gold Member

    How are you getting on? If you have a bit of protein it will help fill you up or is there protein in the shake?

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  7. Zebedee

    Zebedee Member

    Thanks - yes there is protein in the shake.
    Im doing my second fast day today - getting a bit hungry but thats my fault as i had a piece of flapjack at 2pm as i was caught out unexpectedly and there was no other option other than eat nothing - and id not had anything up til then ... lesson learnt, need to plan!

    But think i will get through the next hour ok and then have an early night!!!
  8. Rachgleeson

    Rachgleeson Gold Member

    An early night is always a good idea on fast day. I normally plan what I am having the day before. Bovril or oxo drinks are good during the day.

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  9. Hi guys.
    Ok so a quick bit about me. I did lipotrim in 2008 and lost 5 stone in 11 weeks. Fantastic at the time but after baby number 2 and a couple of stressful years it all went back on. In the mean time I've yoyo'd with
    sw (worked fantastic but couldn't afford the £5 a week or stick to class due to family commitments),
    ww (couldn't get to grips with points),
    herbalife, exante (both of which boredom set in easily).
    I was always losing a stone or two and then gaining again and being an emotional eater, something stressful in life got in my way. (Or so I told myself)
    A few people recommended this 5:2 but I didn't know enough. On Sunday night I did loads of research and then Monday I woke up completely unprepared and just thought I'm going for it. So I started there and then on Monday on a fast day. I ate normally yesterday and today I have fasted again. So far I love this diet. I feel like I'm making good choices rather than dieting. The main key for me is that there is no boredom element. If I'm struggling today it's ok cos tomorrow I won't be hungry. I love that! I also love that I can plan it around a social life (rare thing) so for instance I know to fast on days when I know nothing will be happening. I've decided to do it on a 4:3 ratio until mid April to give me an extra boost before my friends wedding.
    Thanks for listening to me, T xx
  10. Zebedee

    Zebedee Member

    Hi there
    How is it going? I haven't done another fast day - thinking of doing tomorrow and then tuesday this week.
    The early night thing is a good idea - I have some hypnotherapy cds which will send me to sleep if im not tired!

    It is the thought of 'its only a day' which hopefully will get me through if I start to weaken , im a bit nervous of the lack of 'rules' - but fingers crossed i can make this work.

    Im hoping on 1lb a week - but even half will be fine as im in it for the long term - if this time next year i can be 52lbs lighter it would be fab :D

    good luck x

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