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Hi im new, questions about starting

Hi Lynsey,

Price varies depending on your pharmacist/where you live. I pay £36 and I think that's the most common price. Seems to be much more expensive in Ireland though.

Its 3 packs unless you're over a certain height (I think its 5ft8 or 5ft 10).



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Where do you live?
I'm down in plymouth and its £36 per week (21 shakes) and ya have 3 a day :)
Need confirmation on that height then, I'm sure someone who knows for definite will be along soon :)


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Hi Lynsey - I'm in Merseyside too (- Wallasey), and hoping to start tomorrow!! Maybe we can support each other?!
Hi Jan, im in liverpool, Crosby. Hope your first day goes well. Im just enquiring at the moment. How do you get started Jan? Do you need a GPs note? Do you have to go to a meeting? Really not sure how it works!
hi, i started 3 weeks ago, just go on the official website find a chemist in your area that does the programme, i just went along and was seen there and then no appointment or anything. you fill in a short form about your medical history, they weigh you and measure your height and thats it. you then choose which flavours you want 21 for a weeks meal replacement ( 3 per day ). the cost is £36 and i live in wigan. hope this helps.
Im 6'1 and I have 3 shakes a day.


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Thanks ladies. Im in Merseyside. Im 5ft 9 too.
im from liverpool love and pay £36 a week...

im 5ft 10 but get 3.... didnt know it varoed on height...

3 is mor than enough though

best of luck xx


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Maybe all us merseysiders could get together sometime? I'm signed up for the Liverpool meet but it's not till W'end 10,11&12th July!


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