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yummy mummy in the making
Hi ladies and gents im new to celebrity slim and i bought my starter pack today, im starting tomorrow.
I have previously been at slimming world but just cant get my head around it, was just wondering how long will it take to get out of the hunger phase and into weight loss phase?
ang x
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yummy mummy in the making
Hi there just thought i would update you all, i started yesterday on CS and was terrified i would be starving, but its going really well, im sticking to fruit for my snacks rather than the bars at the moment, fish or chicken for tea with lots of allowable vegetables, ...im having fruit for my supper too struggling with all the water but i will get there in the end with that, i know i shouldnt but i have just weighed myself after a bath and ive lost 6lbs since yesterday morning!....i have alot to lose and i know that this first week will be water but im thrilled and cant wait for my official weigh in!
First day on celebrity slim,was pleasantly surprised by the chocolate shake.. really hope i can stick to this as ive exhausted every other diet going....
Good luck folks - I did this last year and lost just under a stone in 3 weeks. I had to give it up though due to illness. I joined back at WW last week and lost 1.5lbs but am finding myself eating above my points. I know that I have some CS hidden away in the wardrobe (hubby hates diets) so am considering starting back for a few weeks on Thursday. How are you finding it so far?
Lost 7lb on my first week,found it hard but was made up with the result.The recipees on the Atkins thread have been a massive help for carb free meals...Must admit im finding my second week easier i just dont seem to have the hunger pangs like i did last week...fingers crossed it stays this way.....
7lbs is brilliant on your 1st week.

Well I had a Strawberry Shake this morning and I've just had my Chocolate Shake there now (not too fond of this one) but then I am not a big chocolate eater. Have chicken out for the dinner and will fill the plate up with allowable veggie.
Am off work sick - having chemo and so I know that I should be looking after my diet but I want to take advantage of having the time off work and no busy bodies asking me what I am doing. I am going to do it Monday - Friday but follow a low carb diet at the weekends (hubby does not know I am on the diet - he would go nuts).
Lady Vegas....Sorry to hear your off sick, just had 7 wk off work myself. Had hyterectomy,due to a 20cm tumour causing trouble in my womb..Thankfully a benign one. But know where your coming from,people do watch what your eating at work and interfere....Anyway Good Luck with your diet, your secret from hubby lol...Keep well x
Coincidence wiggybarber - I had a hysterectomy too on the 22nd March due to something similar to you. So it's been a mental year so far for me.

Back to CS this morning - weighed myself this morning and I am down 2lbs since Thursday (not bad considering I didn't follow CS over the weekend). Had a bold day yesterday - was tired and cranky. :wave_cry:
Ive been ratty too last couple of days,an so tired.Went back to work last week so wasnt sure if it was that,my diet,the heat,hayfever or a little bit of everything rolled into one....weighed myself yesterday an looks like iv lost another 4lbs on week two,so that lifted my mood no end.....hope your keeping well lady vegas....x
:553: Brilliant weight loss for Week 2 wiggybarber.

I didn't start back yesterday nor today either. Went through the stash of CS that I have in the press and it's all ganky flavours. Plus my head is not in the right place today. :break_diet:My legs are aching like mad from the chemo plus my throat is on fire today (another side effect that I get). :sigh:
I am going to go round to the chemist now in about 2hrs and get a new supply. Hopefully, they sell them separately as I want to get flavours that I will use. I prefer the strawberry, banana & caramel. I see that they have new mint choc / cookies & creme and forest fruits advertised on the website. I will start afresh in the morning - no temptations lying around anymore. Got rid of all the carbs / bold squares of chocolate lying willy nilly around. :rolleyes:
I am determined that I am going to suceed this time round on CS. :)
Well the chemist was a disappointment. I just picked up 2 Strawberry, 2 Banana, 1 Caramel and 1 Chocolate. This will cover me up to the weekend. :sigh: I will have to go and see if I can find some in another chemist.
They had the assorted pack for €32 but there are a lot of flavours that I don't like in that one. Must search online to see if there are any other chemists near me that sell them. I so want to try the Forest Fruits, Choc Mint and the Cookie & Creme. Plus I see they have Choc Mint bars. ;)
Aww dont be to harsh on yourself,as for most of us i guess food is a comfort...more so when your poorly an down in the dumps...I buy mixed boxes but they let me swap the ones i cant stomach..cafe latte and caramel.I tried the cookies and cream but wasnt keen.Shame i cant just buy a box withI banana and strawberry..Ive 2 soups from my starter pack but not tried them yet...I believe Atkins chocolate bars are same carbs etc an taste nicer than CS ones...can anyone shed any light on it??.....Keep smiling ladyvegas x
Morning wiggybarber - well i have the banana shake out to have at 9.30 (1st of the day). I have a whopper and a half of a headache this morning. Got the Wii Fit dusted off too.
So how are you today? How did you get on yesterday on CS?
Had 2 really good days cos i was busy in work,but been shopping today in Manchester with my daughter,for bits for her prom on friday...very tempting smelling and seeing food everywhere...gave in to a couple of small pieces of chicken tikka from Gabbots deli...Ah well....missed my afternoon shake too,cos came home tired an couldnt be bothered,will be tea time soon....Hope your bad head has eased,an your having a better day x
Hi everyone! im new to this and i guess im just looking for a little support. Bought my starter pack of cs yesterday just to try it out. Problem is im a carboholic don't like meat and not 2 keen on veg either. But i thought maybe a different approach to dieting would work. I've lost 7 stone on reductil and managed to keep off 5 1/2 of it but since it's been taken off the market im feeling a bit abandoned and more than a little hungry:) Can't seem to cope without it now and i want to lose 2st. Is cs the answer? I'll let you know:confused::confused:
Hiya long2bslim

Similar story to me...lost 7 n half stone on Atkins few years ago,and 2and half stone crept back on over a couple of years :( ...hence trying cs as a quick fix to loose it for my hols...
Keep me posted on your progress,maybe we can support one another..Good Luck x
hiya wiggybarber
was just thinking when you lose that amount of weight you think ur invincible and can simply go back to eating whatever you want. Oh not so!!!! i cant let myself keep gaining as the more weight that goes on the less i feel i can come back from it. when i put on the first stone i thought ah i can sort that out.......that was 2 and a half stone ago:sigh: i think we've 2 options can either be another 2 stone heavier in a few months or 2 stone lighter. i so badly want to fit in2 my lovely new clothes i bought when i was lighter so depressed and ashamed of myself 2day. had banana shake and an apple ah well could be worse could be on lipotrim!:)
I couldnt of put it better myself...but we have made a start to pull it back...So lets think positive...i have to believe i will get in to that bag of clothes under the bed before they rot away ha ha
One day at a time yea...hope youve had a good day ;)
Hey wiggybarber! :) Had a good first day. Made veggie omelette for dinner had 10 almonds as a snack. actually not feeling hungry but brutal headache all day dont understand as i usually only get this from lack of caffeine but i had my full quota today??? how long have you been on cs? what kind of weight loss are you seeing? i love hearing that people are doing well seems to make it more possible for me to do well too.
Hi long2bslim...Only been on it a couple of weeks..
Week 1...lost 7lb
Week 2...lost 4 1/2
Get weighed again on friday..
Really hungry today and really wanting something naughty,but dunno what.Hope my lamb steak and salad iv got planned for tea satisfies me....Your headache any better today?

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