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I'm new to this website. It's really fabulous. I am SS on Cambridge, but I modified my plan a bit. I take a b complex vitamin, and I take 2 flax seed oil pills a day totalling 20 calories.(and 2 grams of fat) Will this hamper my weight loss on SS? I've heard that this solution might offset any possible hair loss. Yet any extra calories and fat concern me. Can anyone advise, please? Thanks (Julie) :)
Hi, D_Q!!! Thanks for the welcome! Yes, I am on the American version of the CD. 3 shakes a day, equalling 420 calories. I am strictly SS right now. The AAM here is 820 calories a day. I am getting 440 and 2 extra grams of fat a day because of the flax seed pills. I'm worried that perhaps I shouldn't be adding anything with calories to SS? I don't know....
Hard to say - the formulation and rules of the US one are so different from the UK one I would struggle to advise you :(

No extra carbs in the flax?

i dont know really about american CD version ...

but welcome to minimins !! ;)
Hi Julie

Welcome and well done for taking the first step to a new you. Do you have Cambridge counsellors in the US like we do here? If so they should be able to advise you regarding your "extras". We're lucky in that the packs we have here have all of the nutrients we need so we don't need to add any extras. I would check it out.

I'm sure others will post soon to offer advice and welcome. Remember there is a time difference between the UK and US and your first post was at nearly midnight here (if i've worked it out right!!) and a lot of people would have been in the land of nod at that point.

Anyway, good luck with your journey and keep us posted on how you are doing.

Jazzy x
Hi Julie!!!

Lovely to meet you!!

As D_Q has said, the USA version is so different from the UK one, so I'm not sure what effect your supplements will have on your weightloss.

I do know that some people on UK CD have taken extra supplements with no noticeable effects but what works for one person doesn't automatically work for another, I suppose.

I can quite understand your concern about hair loss but it's not usually as dramatic as you might fear. About 10% of people on a vlcd will experience some hairloss - always temporary (much like the hair loss you get after pregnancy) - and the hair grows back thicker and glossier.

Hope that helps.
I'm not really qualified to advise but welcome anyway and good luck with your weight loss journey! :)
Hi welcome to MiniMins.

I am a newbie too and in fact haven't officially started yet.

Sorry I can't answer your question but nice to meet you :)
Hi Lindentree

Welcome to Minimins, it's a great site.

Can't help either I'm afraid as the US version of CD is different. Hope you are able to get an answer.
Hi there.

I have no idea either but wanted to welcome u to the forum.

Have just informed hubby that theres a new member from Chicago and he got excited cos hes from St Paul, MN but living here in uk. dont worry though, i wont let him on the computer to start talking at u about everything he misses from the states lol.

Hi there, and welcome to minimins.

I don't know much about the US cambridge diet but would hazzard a guess that 20 extra calories wont hurt, on the UK version of the diet we are allowed a scoop of mix a mousse each day which is approx 15 cals and also water flavours / sweetener tablets etc which all have nominal calories and which don't seem to do any harm.

So I'd say go for it, just keep a close eye on your weight loss and if it seems to be having any undesireable effects then stop, (but I think you'll be ok).

Good luck with your weight loss journey hun xx
Thanks so much, everyone!!!!

:) Thanks for the welcome!! I'm sorry I forgot about the time difference! :rolleyes: I know the American and European versions are different, but they assure me here that I am supposed to get all the vitamins and nutrients in 3 shakes of 420 cals a day. I don't have a counselor, I just order directly from the American website. They do have independent suppliers here, maybe I could have more questions answered if I went that route. Karen, I am originally from the Minneapolis, Minnesota suburbs, and I lived in Saint Paul for 6 years. I've lived all my life in Minnesota except the last 2 years, when my husband and I moved to Chicago for a job opportunity. I still miss Minnesota like mad!! I went to England for a vacation to visit my in-laws a few years ago. (Sheffield) I also visited London. I really like England, and would like to visit more of Europe if I get a chance. :)
Welcome Lindentree, Im from near sheffield originally.

When did you start CD??

Good Luck with your journey hun, look forward to you posting
Hi Vicky! Well, I started Cambridge on Nov. 18th, 2006. But after about a week on the diet, I binged on junk food for 6 days in a row! Ugh!! Anyway, I started back on Cambridge on Dec. 2nd. I have been 100% since then. I've lost 12 pounds so far. I'm just still wondering if perhaps I should not be taking that 2 extra grams of fat from those flax pills. I guess I'm just in a hurry to take all this weight off, but I don't want to lose any hair at all. Maybe I'm being too paranoid. I was also wondering how much exercise one should do on SS. I haven't really started exercising yet; I'm not sure I should or how much I should. So many questions! Ha, ha...
Hi Julie and welcome to the best VLCD support board in the world:D

As for the exercise question - on CD we say don't do anything over and above what you normally do for the 1st 2 weeks of SS but then introduce it gradually. Having said that I did no exercise at all for at least 6 months (but I did start out at over 300lbs) but then all of a sudden I had the urge to move more! Wish I could get that urge back now - it's deserted me at the moment but hopefully the Dance Mat that Father Christmas is bringing my son will help me with that!

Keep up the great work and Merry Christmas!


Wow, AKB!!! What an amazing job you're done! I'm absolutely inspired! :) Thanks for the exercise advice. (I'm not really that motivated to exercise, tee-hee!):rolleyes: P.S. I love how people say "Father Christmas" in the U.K. We say "Santa" over in the U.S. I think I like your way better. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone!
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Did not realise you were in USA although i do know where Chicago is just didn't look.
Good luck with your journey and you are doing fine
Irene xx