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Hi! (Introducing myself)

I started SW last week (did it years ago when it was only red and green days, but never stuck at it for very long, I was more of a WW kinda girl)

I joined WW after Christmas but actually gained weight (the thought of limiting my food intake mixed with the new pro points system just insured I rebelled against any diet *blush*)

So I bit the bullet, realised I needed a diet that wouldn't leave me hungry and wanting food and I knew SW would be the way forward!

My first week I thought went well, but when the scales showed no loss I had to face facts and realise that I was indeed eating too much, a third free or not, I was still eating way too much.

Okay, so I shall take a deep breath and be honest about what I was eating, so long as you don't judge me (much like the way I would judge myself if I were skinny lol!)
A typical day would be 2 quorn sausages for breakfast with half a tin of beans, 2 eggs, and mushrooms then lunch would be a huge portion of pasta with sweetcorn and a tin of tuna followed by fruit and then dinner would be a massive portion of SW chips with chicken and veg or again, a huge portion of spag bol etc.

I would then use my HEX B for another mini meal, I would wait until the evening and have crushed weetabix with yogurt chopped banana and honey.

The odd day I would even throw in a portion of noodles and mushrooms too.

My syns would be used on the honey and two cappuccinos and a bit of mayo in my tuna pasta.

Janey mac! Eat much??? :eek: How I didn't gain is beyond me!

So.......moving swiftly on!
This week I gave myself a telling off, realised that just because it was free didn't mean I had to eat it non stop, I also needed to turn to superfree foods for snacks and incorporate my HEX B into my meals (the A choice is used up in coffee and tea throughout the day)

I can't give up and go back to points (oh god no, I won't go back there!) so I thought I would bite the bullet and say hello to everyone and create some sort of support network for myself, after all I will be here a while :eek:

Well that was a rather long winded way of saying hello wasn't it!

(oh and please excuse the username, there was a time in my life where I appreciated shoes.........I still appreciate them, but nowadays it's from afar! lol)

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hi hun welcome to s/w and minimins good luck losing the lbs :)
Welcome MB (love the username!). Lots of inspiration and support here - it's great to have you on board!
hey honey. for a *newbie* your very well aware of your situation, so im certain youl make this work for you. . fingers crossed for a fab loss on the scales this week for you honey.

i find i loose best eating breakfast, lunch and dinner as proper meals and only snacking if i HAVE to eat somthing, and better it be fruit or superfree veg if poss xx


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Hey MB welcome and good luck....
IMO the best thing about shoes is even if you're having a fat day shoes will always look good... this is what I tell my hubby for the reason I'm an addict x

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