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Hi Jim, this is for anyone, but aimed at you..

Hello there Jim, I am currently a failed CDer :sigh: having really only done 10 days, lost 6 lbs, had Really bad constipation, gave up and gained it all back! But, to try to get back in to the zone i have been scouring this site and i have to say am very impressed with all of your knowledge about Atkins, and reading these threads on Atkins have quite interested me, i am writing this to ask you when you started, how much you've lost and how long ago etc... i apologise if you have already put this info up but i cannot find it, and am really, i suppose, being nosey!!
i really think i am going to try to do Atkins in the new year, got dfar too much going on in my life between now and then which means that to start now would almost definatley mean i would fail, so i am leaving it til i can properly focus on it, does the same constipation thing happen with atkins, and does the bad breath associated with ketosis ever improve?
long winded i know, but am quite desperate to lose 3 stone, and want to do it with atkins after reading your inspirational posts etc.. please would you help me??, thank you v much
linda xx
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Hi Linda and welcome

It's a bit quiet here on the weekends, but have a look at the sticky which is the third one down, called "Request for interview with Jim" - where he kindly answered lots of questions. Have a look at that, it should help you :)

Hi Susie,
thanks for that, i will do, how long you been doin Atkins for? do you think that you can live this way long term? i bet if you really educate yourself, it can be done? just need to change mindset etc...?
Linda XX


Clean green leafy machine
Hi Linda

I started in August and can see myself doing this for life, for sure - I find it very easy to follow Induction (with a few slips off the wagon).

I don't think I would have done so well without the support of everyone here :)
Hi Linda, and welcome love. You did better than me I barely lasted a day on CD love. Atkins suits me because I suspect I'm carboholic, being able to eat a decent amount of food without too many cabs suits me love. But ask away, there are some very dedicated and clever Atkineer's around here. One tip, don't tell people you're doing Atkins, say low carb or something like that.
Hi Linda, I'm only on day 9 of my Atkins experiment, and i must say i'm loving the food!

I did struggle in the beginning, partly due to rotton lurgey, and partly due to a crazy carrot craving - which has now passed i'm happy to say.

I was poached to this forum from another where i was complaining that SW was no longer working for me.
I had loads of encouragement and advice from the folks here, and after a bit of dithering i "took the plunge"
And what a revelation! Nowhere near as hungry as before - now consuming half the quantity of food (but with way more taste)

And Jim is right - if you say to people you're thinking about trying Atkins, expect some hostility to the idea, but if you just say low carb, people are very accepting.

Recommend giving it a shot...


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Hi Catfish, as you can see I'm no expert, hypoglycemia thread, but I would say to make sure you have your leafy greens & TONS of water. That should help with the constpation!

Oh, & hi welcome to the best gang going & good luck :D x
Morning Jim, and everyone who has responded so positively to my pleas!!!sorry for late response, can only get on here during the week, as i am at work, have no internet at home as i live in the sticks! i have read your interview thread Jim, as advised, and i must say it is Very encouraging indeed, you have done So well, and do i understand it right, you are an ex soldier? curious cos i am an ex WRAF!! i have bought the book already and am trying to read it all before i start to make sure i dont fail miserably by being unprepared!
I am so desperate to do this, but am really worried about xmas, along with loads of others i guess, but then, i should be strong shouldnt I, and not be a wuss about it all!

Linda XX
One tip, don't tell people you're doing Atkins, say low carb or something like that.

I enjoy the reaction I get to mentioning Atkins. "your kidneys will fail, your cholesterol and blood pressure will skyrocket! You NEED carbs!!!!"
Hi Linda, yes I'm ex Army love, 25 years all told 3 with 2 Para and 22 with the RAOC, that's supply to you. :)


Clean green leafy machine
Our very own paratrooper!
Ooooh - Jim's all butch!

Hi Linda and welcome. Everybody here is so lovely. And I say start the diet when you're good and ready! There will still be low carb foods after christmas! And I know I always needed a wee blowout before starting any diet - otherwise I used to get two days in and thing 'I wish I had just had one last...' whatever! Or - get yourself into ketosis over the next few days then stuff your face with fat and protein over christmas (think cheese board for every dessert) while LOSING weight!
Hi Jim, and morning all, just been reading the thread about the March meet up, i bet that will be a hoot, and what a great idea!
have been reading my book and i think i will try to do a little bit between now and new year,maybe try to cut down on the carbs for a start, and then give it real gusto in the new year, i know it sounds feeble and excusey (if that it even a word!) but its my birthday on saturday, xmas the saturday after and i will be away for almost a week looking after grandkids as daughter in hospital, then when i get back hubby booked a posh gourmet weekend away for us for new year earlier in this year before i considered atkins, so i think it will just all be too much to try to do it 100%, so i will try to ease into the low carb thing, but do it large in Jan.
Sounds good to me Linda, it's not easy for any diet at this time of year.

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