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hi just a quick question-ts

ok i have totally rubbish willpower but after reading all the success stories i am determined that this will work so im going on the total solution but i know from being on weight watchers that a 2 or 3lb weekly loss is going to knock very loudly at my willpower door!! and i will be gutted to be good all week and only see -2lb on the scale so i was wondering of you all who have done the total soloution whats the lowest weekly loss you have had when you have been 100%?
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thanks hun i know your right and i just need to stick to it and remember the big losses rather than dwell on the small ones lol and of course i have you guys and gals on here now too so i think knowing someone is going through the same as me will help too
I have 2lb loss a lot, and sometimes even a 1.5lb loss. However, don't just let the lbs motivate you or you might not stick with it. Measure yourself because I find when I have a low lb loss, I lose a lot of inches.
On this diet you can sometimes get low losses, but like Starlight says, you get good losses other times. I think on things like SW and WW it's more like 2lb is a good loss and some weeks you get nothing!
Av had 1lb losses or STSs, but it all adds up at the end of the month. This week I STS but lost inches?.

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Thanks guys I will try measuring I just found it so disheartening when I was on weight watchers to be good all week and exercise and then have a low or sts loss so im going to do like you said and measure!
Mind you thinking about it the biggest loss I ever had on ww was 4lb lol
I have switched from WW to Exante and just finished first 7 days! was much easier than I expected and I lost 5% of my body weight in the first week! ... which is first ww goal they set you and it seemed to take weeks to get there! I find it much easier to stick to the discipline of this diet as with ww I think you soon "forget" to point things you have had and kid yourself in the end. I found ww soul destroying to be good all week and have no results whatsoever at the end of it. Good luck! :)
Was it easy to get through the first 7 days?
And I agree about weight watchers it was so disheartening it nearly killed me I even stuck to it Xmas week! No Xmas dinner! And still only 2 1/2 lbs!
Was it easy to get through the first 7 days?
I'm on day 5 and I found the weekdays when I was working easier than the weekend when I've been home but have lost 5lbs in 4 days so that makes up for it!

I've not really felt hungry either more thirsty in fact so has been easy to drink 3 litres of water.
I have found the first week really easy actually. The weekend has been a bit weird as I realised our whole social life revolves around eating and drinking! (that will be where all this weight came from then!!) the weight loss has really boosted me though as I have never lost this much in a month let alone a week!! It actually makes my target feel achieveable!:)
how much weight did you lose the first week hun?
wow thats fantastic!

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