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Hi looking to start the Cambridge diet or lighter life

Hi, I am thinking of doing the cambridge diet or lighter life, I have read the web pages for reviews and both the offical websites, they look very simular but cambridge seems much cheaper, can anyone give me any help of any real differences? It seems as though LL costs £66 a week and CD around £33 is this right?

Any help would be gratefully recived, I weigh 22 stone and 7 pounds, so I have a lot to lose
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LL is run by trained counselors who deal with food issues, addiction, etc. The meetings are closed groups, no more then 12 people in each group and they practice Transactional ANalysis and Cognitive Behaviour Training. Very effective if you have issues with food.

CD is not run by counselors and it is one on one. But just as effective with loss, if you do not struggle with issues, etc.

Otherwise they are about the same! :)
the thing is with cd is you have a one to one with your councelors and they are qualified. it just depends on the person. and its cheap. plus you get ready made shakes if your out most hours
the thing is with cd is you have a one to one with your councelors and they are qualified. it just depends on the person. and its cheap. plus you get ready made shakes if your out most hours
Yes, I didn;t mean for my post to sound that they weren't qualified - apologies if it did, but are they qualified just to run CD programs, or are they trained in psychology as well? I think thats the difference? :confused::)
i dont know blonde il have to ask my cdc.

i didnt mean to sound bad sorry


Live the dream...
I personally think that CD can be adapted more to your lifestyle than LL.

I'm now on CD SS+ after doing LL and loving it to bits! I have a small meal - with real food - in the evening, and have still been losing a lot of weight consistently. Also, on CD plans with food, it's like starting management even before you reach your weight goal, so you learn to deal with food from the word go. I don't see food as my biggest enemy anymore, like I did on LL.

The trick is finding a good CDC. I've been lucky because I've found a fabulous lady who offers me real counselling - on a one to one basis - using a mixture of NLP and CBT. This is not something that CDCs are necessarily taught, so it can be a bit hit-and-miss. Although I learnt a lot on the LL counselling sessions, for me they were more like going to a class than real counselling. But this is all subjective and dependent on your LLC and group. So, whatever diet you go on, I'd suggest doing your research first and speaking to a few counsellors before making a decision.

Food-wise, some LL packs can taste better and mix better; however, on CD you get a lot more choice, plus the ready-mixed tetrabriks. You also get things like Mix-a-Mousse, which makes a yummy mousse.

A tough decision for you, but whatever you decide the weight will just drop off you - fast! :)
Hi! I only have experience of the LL diet but like most things the groups sessions are only as good as the counsellor but you will get to meet him/her in the information session and if you don't warm to them there will be others in your area. The distance you have to travel to class will vary obviously depending on the area the counsellors cover but living in Edinburgh I had 3 or 4 counsellors to consider. I must say my group and my counsellor are all absolutely lovely and going to class is one of the highlights of my week. My class meet on a Sat lunchtime so that's quite good, we all have a good laugh at our shared experiences and there's so much support. I think the two hours of 'group therapy' a week is worth the £66 and the foodpacks are a bonus ;)
Thanks for your help

Thanks for your help, I have decided to go for CB mainly due to cost but also like the idea of the stages better SS then 790 etc. Only one CDC in my area and not replying after 3 days and I am not very patiant (LOL) Still hope to hear from her soon, anyone else in the Helensburgh, Greenock, Clydebank area? I emailed the cyldebank area lady as she said she was overweight and used CD, while the Helensburgh one is a private homopatic doctor and didnt sound as good for me, I think its better to talk to someone with experience.

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