Hi Lovely CDers I'm new

Miss M

I will do this!!!

i just thought i would say hi.

I have tried the CD diet about 6 months ago for about 3 weeks but lost the will power. BUt i am getting married in may 07 and need to lose 2 1/2 stone to take me to 9stone. i am 5 "2 and i would love to be a size 10. I am having a break now until jan 2. I know if i try and diet now i won't cope with xmas dinners at work, home restaurants. So i will be as good as i can and start with avengence on Jan 2. Do you think i could lose 2 stone in 2 months, so by the beginning of march as that's when i have my 2nd to last dress fitting.

Also, sorry i know my post is already long:) do many of you exercise with the diet as i tried it before and i felt really hungry.

That's all for now, honest :p

ok i lied, I am so glad that i found this forum as i didn't have any support last time but i have been reading through as many posts as i can and it is so supportive that i actually can't wait to start.

Ok that is really it
Welcome Miss M, I think 2 stone in 2 months is achievable on CD.

You will have all the support that you ever need on here Minimins is great!!!!!!!!

Exercise is not really recommended at first , you can slowly build it up if you feel the need but steer clear for the first few weeks. I did small things like just keeping moving, dancing when I did the house work etc.

Best advice I can give is dont go mad over xmas, cut down on the carbs and then go for it in Jan.

You can lose the 2 stone and then work up the maintenece steps for your wedding.

Hope you enjoy minimins x
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