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Hi LT Newbie Here !

Hi there thought id join for some encouragement and advice ..!
I start LT tomorrow for 2 weeks and maybe more depending an im just worried i might struggle for energy when Im working as I have a demanding physical job.

Ive lost a few stone by diet and gym,, I got right down to about a size 10 ! which was great. but unfortunately I was quite poorly over xmas and first half of the year with an infection 3 -4 months and had to stop all gym work,,. now Im stuck at size 14 ish ,, For my job I need to be trim as im a singer and its my living so I thought LT was a great way to go as Id lose the excess weight quickly.

My personal trainer doesn't seem know too much about LT and says I should stick to my low carb an eating around 6 small meals a day .. but its just not working for me.. I think my body has got used to it and the point of doing LT is to give my body a jolt back into weight loss again... Im quite over my BMI right now. And i already like and eat healthy food most of the time anyways.

Any advice anyone that would be great.:)
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Morning and welcome to the LT club:)
One piece of advice I can give is that your head needs to be in the right place to do this - the first few days are quite hard. You should also drink lots and lots of water and have a positive attitude. Visiting this forum will also keep you on the straight and narrow - so many people with great advice, encouragement and motivation
Best of luck!


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Silver Mist! 20 lbs in 2 weeks thats terrific you must be elated!!


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Hi exiguous
Thanks, yeah I'm really happy. Can't say it wasn't hard but it's not a bother now. I won't be expecting those losses every week though - good start all the same.


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Quite a lot of us on here have difficult jobs and it is hard at first but you do get used to it.

SIlvermist is right too, your head has to be in the right place.

Best of luck x
Thanks for such a warm welcome.!! Ive been on a fair few diets before as I said I lost quite a few stones the natural way with diet and exercise..an that took some major dedication but right now i just need a quick fix.

Well its day1 here, I just hope Im not too hungry Im feeling them now tbh..Ive had 2 choc shakes and a bar so far today.. If I really cant take it, ill have an extra shake! has anyone done this before ..?
Im on my second pint of water already an a slight headache .. I guess my problem with food is its a bit of a reward and so doing this it takes away the choice and you cant overeat so Im gonna try an keep myself really busy.

I have I reckon 19lb I want to loose id like to get to around 150lb, the last stone or so is always the hardest part,, !!:D


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You have to really want this hun and stick to it 100% to make it work properly. That means no food. None at all. Cheat and you don't lose the weight. Simples! But it is worth it - just look at the success stories on here. If you do start make sure you're expecting things to be difficult but remember - nothing will taste as good as being slim will feel.

Good luck with it and keep checking back here for support, hints and tips x


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Oh and keep your water intake up up up! This will keep you full and stop you getting headaches.

I don't have the bars at all - only the shakes and I love them now. Strawberry shake with ice and sweeteners in a blender - heaven on a hot day! x
Thanks love ill let you know how i get on !
Fingers crossed eh !
Hardest thing will be when Im working and I need a major boost of energy !!

Im thinking to do 1or2 weeks then normal food but healthy food for a few days, then back on this again.. this will give my body a break, losing only 19lb cant be that hard or can it? umm :rolleyes:


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It depends where you're starting from hun. The bigger you are the quicker it seems to come off. But the percentage loss is not as much as when a slimmer person loses it. I don't know if that made sense but stick to it and you'll lose weight. Simple as that. Just don't cheat as you're only cheating yourself in the end x
Well im feeling a bit strange right now basically starving hungry and my heads all over the place .. the worst that could happen is getting a migraine, that once happened and I was laid up for 3 days in a dark room.. diets eh.. I think ill just go for a lie down ..


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You'll do great and you'll lose 19 lb in no time keep up with the water it do's help.


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Have an early night, how about a nice long soak and early to bed. Keep sipping water it helps with the headaches. Just think you've nearly done your first day a couple more and we'll be plain sailing.


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I hope your ok - I can completely understand what you mean about headaches - I generally suffer terribly from migraine - I agree, go to bed or drink loads of water. Unfortunately this feeling (to me anyway) is normal enough but it will pass - I promise.
;):thankyou:Thanks for all your advice and encouragement i did have lie down for a few hours an felt a bit better after, I could feel a burn as well kickin in already!.. ive been on a low carb for a while i think thats why its kicked in so quick..! I have a training session tomorrow so I hope I can manage it ok .. will be a real test .. Im hoping 2 weeks will be long enough to do the trick if not it will have be longer.

Ill let you know how i get on tomorrow ! Ive taken your advice so now its bath time !!! X :0bathtime:


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Hi Hun and welcome!

Think everyone hassaid pretty much everything really so I will just say a huge good luck and can't wait to hear about your losses!

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Hi there and welcome on board

Go for it 100% and you will be one very happy slimmer person next week!!

Best of luck
:rolleyes: oops! my Trainer said he wouldn't train me if I keep this diet on, as it wasn't enough calories for the amount of training Im doing with him.. so Ive agree'd to add chicken and eggs to the diet. Its still very low calorie and low carb so Im hoping Im still going to lose a fair few pounds even so .. my training went well today considering..
I let you all know how many pounds I drop on monday..
Progress so far

Start Diet 169.4
Day 4 167.8

Doesn't seem like much but Im well pleased,, !
Ill be keeping it up as much as I can for the next 10 days.
Ill be over the moon if I drop half a stone .. Thanks Everyone !


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Well done hun - keep up the good work - every little bit counts as it is dropping off. If you ever need inspiration, Google "1lb of fat" and look at the pics - then you'll really be able to visualise how much you're losing. xx

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