Hi minimins and lipotrim newbie :)

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by Silkie, 7 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. Silkie

    Silkie Member

    Hi everyone,
    just started lipotrim on wednesday for the first time. Came across minimins when googling for info and have been dipping in and out all week. Was finding brilliant stuff on here so have just registered.

    Hoping for great things with LT and hoping for some support and advice on here :)
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  3. babypat

    babypat Gold Member

    Hi Silkie welcome to the forum. I just want to wish u good luck with LT.
  4. Silkie

    Silkie Member

    Thanks babypat :)
  5. LipoLoser

    LipoLoser Member

    Good luck silk, if you need anything just shout x
  6. LeeMags

    LeeMags Member

    Hi Silkie, welcome. I'm a newbie too :). This forum is def great for motivation. Good luck with your weight loss journey.
  7. Silkie

    Silkie Member

    Thanks girls. Im on day 4 now and woke up feeling great yesterday and the same again today despite a very sleepless night thanks to a LO. I had my first weigh in this morning, just down to the fact that i had to pick up next weeks supply of shakes. Down 3 lb in 3 days :)

    Delighted with how well im feeling on this, im full of energy! And i have already noticed a huge improvement in my skin! Bonus :) it must be down to all the water or else the fact that im now not eating something that wasn't agreeing with me before.

    Will be keeping checked in here for support and advice, im sure ill have loads of questions as i go along.
  8. LipoLoser

    LipoLoser Member

    What's an LO silkie? Well done on the loss. Wish I was full of energy, think I'm having red bull withdrawals though lol day 12 for me tomorrow, been 100% so far. 30 in a week, don't want to be fat and 30 lol do you mind me asking what your start weight is and what you would like to lose? If you don't want to answer then that's fine x

    Keep up the good work x
  9. sun sun

    sun sun Member

    Hi! I've just completed day 1 of lipotrim ! Well done for getting to day 4 silkie! I hope I can make to the end of tomorrow! Lol
  10. Silkie

    Silkie Member

    Sorry, lo is a little one. My daughter kept us up most of last night so was expecting to be evry tired and lethargic today but was the exact opposite!

    have just had my 3rd shake before goung to bed soon, the house has been cleaned from top to bottom today, i couldnt sit still for 5 minutes all day :)

    im turning 30 in a few months aswell, so im super determined to get down to a reasonable weight before then. My starting weight was just over 12st but im barely 5'1" so waaay too heavy for what I should be. I'd be really happy to get down to about 8.5st but would even be happy to get to 9.5. Its a few years since i was 8.5 so im not sure if i can afford to lose that much now, it might not suit me considering im a few years older now!

    Sunsun, i found days 1 and 2 the worst! I was fit for nothing on day 2, i actually brought my duvet down and lay on the sofa all day, i felt so weak and hungry and had a headache that got worse all day. I ended up going to bed really early and slept great, woke up feeling brilliant the next morning and same today. Hoping this continues and i'll fly through it. Im even getting used to the taste of the shakes now, i dont mind them so much. Ice is my new best friend!! :D
  11. miss_VCG

    miss_VCG Member

    Hi! I'm new too- Starting tomorrow. What do the drinks taste like? I'm worrying they taste awful!
    How have you been finding it?
  12. sun sun

    sun sun Member

    Thank you. U doing really well ?
    Gona try ice! ?
  13. sun sun

    sun sun Member

  14. sun sun

    sun sun Member

  15. Silkie

    Silkie Member

    Miss_vgc, they arent as bad as i was expecting. They arent nice by any stretch but they're bearable. I tried the chocolate one hot and it was disgusting :p but made cold with ice its drinkable. The strawberry and vanilla are much more palatable, and the chicken is surprisingly ok!
  16. sun sun

    sun sun Member

    I don't understand my weight has gone up 1 kg after a day of lipotrim... Not very encouraging... Oh dear
  17. sun sun

    sun sun Member

    Maybe because I didnt drink enough water?
  18. Kel75

    Kel75 Member

    Lipotrim newbie

    Hi it's great to see that there sure more of you at the same stage :),
    im on day 4 and I seem to be coping well so far !!!! , I'm 5ft 4'' and currently weigh 12st 5.7 lbs and I'm hoping to get as near to 10st as possible, looking forward to hearing all your success stories
  19. LipoLoser

    LipoLoser Member

    Why are you weighing on day 1? The worst thing you could do is weigh yourself. Leave it to weigh in day. It takes around 2-3 days to go into ketosis, when you are in that, that is when you lose the weight. If you are drinking the 3 litres that is advised you will be heavier than normal initially. It's a lot more fluid than normal to take in daily. Plus your weight fluctuates by around a kilo on a day to day basis
  20. Silkie

    Silkie Member

    Im on day 6 today and i have to say i found today a little harder. It was my first day back at work after being off for last 4 days so maybe that accounts for it but just felt more hungry and little less energised today. Couldnt wait to get to lunch time to have my chicken soup, i was starving!

    I have been dreaming about food last 2 nights aswell! I actually woke up yesterday in a panic because in my dream i ate a whole load of pringles and when i woke up i wasnt sure if it actually happened or was just part of my dream! :rolleyes:
  21. Jen-Cheng

    Jen-Cheng Full Member

    Hi Silkie,

    I always find it harder to concentrate on healthy eating when I'm back at work. Rushing around and all the cakey things people bring into the office are my downfall!!

    I can SOO relate to the wacky dreams. Happens to me all the time!! I actually feel really guilty in my dreams and so relieved when I wake up. Its good because it shows you how terrible you will feel if you do give into your temptations and sort of motivates you not to do it, if that makes sense.

    Congratulations on sticking to plan! the first few days are always the hardest whilst you get the hang of it.

    All the best xx

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