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hi, new and need advice

hi, i posted a few days ago asking advice and you was all very helpful so thought id ask your advice again if thats ok

both me and hubby are wanting to loose some weight but time (with having 3 kids 4 and under) and money(again cos of the kids lol) are in short supply so we have decided to give slimming world a try without going to classes for now.

we have bought a start up pack off ebay which will hopefully be here today/tommorow and a directory which also came with books called free foods and low syn snacks.

i have decided to give us over the weekend to get our heads around it and plan next weeks meals and shop.

is the list of healthy extras in one of the booklets in the start up pack?
where can i find a sight to work out what our weight should be?

the biggest problem i have is hubby is being down on the idea already now he has seen the syn values for some of his favourite foods/drinks any ideas on what to say to him?

i think we are going to altinate red/green days to start with is this ok?

im also needing some breakfast ideas for him to have at work if anyone would be able to help that would be great, he works at a tesco and im on maternity leave which is why ive been given the menu planning and shopping for this lol(on top of childcare and house work:))

thank you in advance for any help given

charlotte x
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Hi. I also have three kids but am fortunate enough to be able to go to class. The healthy extras are in the starter pack, alternating red and green days is fine (though you may find you prefer one or other) and if the pack is new it will give you extra easy as well which might be simpler and mean everyone can eat the same meals. You will just have to ask your husband if her really wants to loe weight, and if so then he will have to sacrifice some of his faves for a bit. he could also use flexible syns once in a while (also in the book) the other thing i find helpful outside of group is the magazine, it has loads of recipes for things i like (curry etc) and gives a weekly menu and shopping list. If you go to the SW website there's a free Extra Easy (EE) menu you can upload from the public home page. These could be useful to get you going. Good luck! PS Everyone here is really helpful as well.;)


Bring it on!
Oh and if you go to SW site it will give you your BMI. You can set yourself a target of what you'd like to lose, loads of people have mini targets at the end of their posts, so they might give you some inspiration.
hi, thankyou for your advice. my start up pack didnt come today so im hoping it comes tomorrow so i can have a good read and get my head around it all

with regards to hubby i think i just need to come up with alternatives to the things he likes that are lower in syns or free,

can anyone recommend sausages and bacon that is the lowest in syns please

charlotte x


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hi, thankyou for your advice. my start up pack didnt come today so im hoping it comes tomorrow so i can have a good read and get my head around it all

with regards to hubby i think i just need to come up with alternatives to the things he likes that are lower in syns or free,

can anyone recommend sausages and bacon that is the lowest in syns please

charlotte x
I would suggest Weight watchers sausages at 1/2 a sin each or sainsbury's own low fat sausages which are also low syn (1/2 a syn too i think.) My lot including hubby don't really notice the difference. I also use Sainsburys bgty bacon medalions so that I dont have to sit there cutting off the fat.

Good luck to you both.


Starting Again!
There a 3% sausages (I think Richmonds make them) and they are two syns each. Bacon would be free of a Red day so that would be fine. If you are on a green day you can have 56g of lean back with the fat cut off (this applies to red day too).

Quorn sausages are free as well, but it depends if you like them or not! With regards to your husband being disheartened by the number of syns in his favourites say to him that firstly over indulging in them his how it got over weight to start with! and secondly the first rule of Slimming World is everything in moderation, so he could either have a small amount of the item, and therefore not go over syns, or like chuffy said, have them once in a while and they'll be all that more special and tasty!

Give this thread a read, should help you get your head round how Slimming World works.

Good luck on your Slimming World journey!

Natt xxx


Slow but sure....
Hiya, I had my starter pack and SW food Directory off Ebay and it took me a while to work my way around the diet, I have been doing it a week now and every day I learn something new, this forum and the people on have been my saviour, if I need advice and encouragement there is so much here, so keep coming back to the forum, and you are bound to make a few mistakes at first I know I have, good luck to you and your DH with the dieting.
thanks everyone for your help will try the quorn ones i think but still not sure which bacon im buying is it any sory of bacon as long as no fat? help! also can i have fried egg if done with fry light spray not oil? and ill grill the sausages and bacon then serve them with beans what will be syns out of that, is it just the beans if its a red day?

thanks x


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All unprocessed meat/bacon is free on a red day so long as you remove all visible fat/skin before cooking. Fried eggs are 'free' if you use frylight or poach them. Beans would be syns on a red day unless you use them as a hex B. Why not try extra easy to start with, you can have all red and green free foods but just one healthy extra a and one b. What are his favourite foods/drinks? Apart from alcohol, you can make slimming world versions of them.
lol i think its cutting down on beer thats bothering him the most going to do a SW style fry up for tea tonight and im off shopping this morning with a big list

he keeps asking me can he have different things and just cant get his head round the fact he can have whatever he wants aslong he stays within his syns, he loves his cereal though and no way is 28g going to fill him up what cereals are free as extras? and is coffee free? sorry for all the questions

charlotte x


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Yes coffee is free,,just take milk from your hea allowance. All bran and weetabix crunchy bran are 42g for a heb, but remember you can bulk out the cereal with a banana or chopped fruit, and I'll often use low fat fromage frais or lowfat natural yoghurt instead of milk (you could use a mullerlight) as it makes it more substantial. The other thing is to syn an extra ounce, thats what your syns are for. Keep asking, we're all here to help! It takes a few weeks to get your head round the plan, or in the case of my OH, 6 weeks and counting :rolleyes:


Slow but sure....
Thank you Judi, that is good advice, I don't eat cereals other than Porridge & All Bran (these I make with water) because I don't like milk, so I shall use a yoghurt on my cereal in future.....I particular like weetabix and shredded wheat so I will try them with Yoghurt.
hi, i really need to get some decent scales i think so i can see how much cereal we should be having, i like the idea of having it with yogurt and fruit in to bulk it up and i dont have time at breakfast to have them all seperate anyway

im still unsure of some stuff but we having a red day and so far ive had yogurt with some cornflakes mixed in a ham salad sandwich(had butter on but very thinly spead and hellmans extra light mayo) a small amount of coleslaw and 2 sea food sticks and another yogurt and half an apple(my son stole the other half lol)
my hubby had cereal and milk the same lunch but had a bag of quavers and a bananna

for tea im doing fried egg grilled bacon and quorn sausages and beans and the trifle type pudding in the back of the magazine

would someone be so kind as to tell me how we are doing so far please?

many thanks charlotte x


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I use laughing cow extra light triangles instead of butter, you can have 6 as a healthy extra A. For his beer, why not make it into shandy with diet lemonade, to make it go further. Ideal for when it's hot anyway. You definitely need accurate scales for measuring cereals. Have you tried puffed wheat (sugarless sugar puffs) with sweetener, you get absolutely loads for your 28g hex B serving.


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I would suggest you get some digital scales. I bought some from Sainsbury's when I re started, they were 9.99 I think and are very precise. It's so easy to go over your syns using other scales; you can think you have 28g where really it is over 30. All those little extras add up!

I'd suggest Extra Easy could be a good base to start from too, but you need to do what works best for you and the family. Personally I find EE ideal to fit in around children.

I understand your husbands issue re beer, you don't get much beer for 10-15 syns so think the idea of making a shandy is a good one. Or could he switch drinks? Lots of people start drinking vodka and diet coke on SW, you get loads more! Gin & slimline tonic maybe?

Good luck anyway :)

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