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Hi new here and starting to live the lipotrim hell

Hi, I,m sharon from north yorkshire. Just started the lipotrim diet today.

What can I say, I'm starting to struggle already. Made it through today but found cooking tea for my hubby and kids challenging. It made me realise how I pick at foods without really noticing.

Had a low day yesterday when I realised how high my BMI was. I've really let myself go and feel quite discusted with myself.

I think I must be gritting my teeth and locking my claw cos they are starting to hurt.

Please let my will power hold up, I am going to take 1 day at a time. I can't feel anymore dissapointed!!

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hi sharon,
im new to the forum myself but from what i have seen so far you have come the the right place for support. the members on here all seem very supportive and non judgemental, and best of all they are all in the same boat as us!.
i was considering the l/t way myself but im unsure if ive got enough will power not to eat at all lol. the best advice i could give is when you are having a tough day and struggling with the plan just think of the reasons you started in the first place. obviously you are doing it for your health but if your anything like me you will also be doing it for your family to ensure that you will be around for them for many years to come.... this usually helps me get through the short term shakes lol.
hope i have not babbled on too much sharon and good luck on your new lifestyle.


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Hi Sharon. Im about to start CD again after a break of over a year. It does get easier hun. keep at it and you will feel a great sense of wellbeing, you wont feel hungry and your losses each week will spur you on.
You are worth it so dont give up. if you feel a bit wobbly, need support or encouragement just come along to Minimins where there is always someone here for you.
Take care and good luck.

Many thanks guy's. I was having a bit of a low moment.

Day 2 and feel a little more in control at the moment.
aaaw thats good sharon. i've just got back from signing up to the program myself. im gonna get the weekend over with first then start on monday, cant wait lol


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Welcome Sharon,

Losing weight is an emotional journey and the first week or so on Lipotrim is tough or on any diet for that matter as your body has to adjust to the changes.

You might find it helps to split at least one of your packs in half and have one have later on.

Just remember you must make each half up fresh and consume within 15 to 20 minutes as some of the vitamins are water soluble.

Also, instead of thinking about 'all the weight' you want to lose break it down into small portions and set yourself mini goals and as you achieve each one reward yourself with a non food treat.

Taking before photos and body measurements are a good idea now as the weight and inches do drop pretty fast on a diet like this.

Keep a mood board and keep it where you can see it...the fridge door works fine as one and stick on it picture cut out of magazines of clothes, people and holidays etc...that inspire you and they help you to focus and visualize yourself slim and friends and family can join in with some ideas as well for you.

Take it one day at a time and each night give yourself a pat on the back for getting through another day successfully.:patback:

Here is a link to help you set up a weight tracker.


And if you need any help please Ask.:)

Love Mini xxx


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hi sharon. welcome and good luck. i'm a cambridger and have just moved onto food again, ha, although it is restricted. i know what you are going through. get through the first week and you'll be stonking along :D

good luck with it babes.

abz xx
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the first 4 days can feel like hell, tired, hungry and a bit cold...but then ketosis kicks in and then you'll be fine, really.

I try and look at the inspiration gallery at the top of the page as so many people have succeeded on VLCD, it's the thing that keeps me going, that and the brilliant support by my fellow miniminers!

Keep going, it really does get easier
Thank you everyone. I was so close earlier to give up while making kids and hubby's tea. I've come here to hide for a while, and I'm amazed how supportive you all are. Thank you, thank you thank you, you've just got me passed this for 2 night. (hopefully)
stick with it girl it does get easier just remember to drink plenty of water the more water the bigger loss, i myself have only been on lipotrim for two weeks and i can already see the difference i hope to be a right little christmas cracker. This site has been the best thing i have found
Hi classy, it DOES get easier hun, honest! The first few days are hard because your body is adjusting to a hell of a lot of change, once you hit the magical ketosis, you will be flying. Keep posting and coming on here for support x x x

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