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Hi! New Lighterlifer here, just checking in...


Guess who's back...?
I start Lighter Life on Sunday and am REALLY REALLY excited. I am 5'8'' and have 6 stone to lose... I have never been slim and am just sooooooo psyched up to finding the whole new me.

Hello to everyone else here on Minimins! Look forward to sharing my/your journeys!

Annaphylactic x

(PS. For some reason I can't add a picture, change my profile etc... why is this? Do you have to do a certain number of posts beforehand or something?)
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Strong women stay slim
Sundays the day when the new you comes to a new way of eating ! good for you taking a step in the right direction
Good luck!!
I stated LL 5 weeks ago and have lost 2st 2lbs so far!! It's great!
The first few days will be the hardest - I had a killer headache but it soon went when I stepped on those scales and saw I had dropped 13lbs!!
I've got roughly 1st 12lbs to lose now - so 4st in total, the time has flown by!!


Yummy Mummy in the making
Good luck with your weight loss hun xx
Hi Annaphylatic

I am doing CD not lighterlife but if you want a virtual running partner, I am also around 5.8 and need to lose 5-6 stone

it is exciting!

I would say that my first 2 days were the hardest...I hadn't realised just how many times and for what reasons I reached for food, and I felt very hungry.

But as soon as ketosis has kicked in it feels quite easy, I have no hunger at all and doing shakes is one less thing I have to think about

Good luck:)


Hi Annaphylatic
great name - are you severely allergic to diets? lol x
You are starting in a positive frame of mind , so methinks you are going to do amazing on lighterlife and find the happier slimmer you!:party0049:
So many people see diets as a prison sentance - I see it as a release from prison as I live a much freer life as a slim person!
Good luck for Sunday and next week


Guess who's back...?
Thank you all for the supportive comments! I have just made it to the end of day one - not particularly enamoured with the flavours, but I am sure I will get used to them. :)

Angie-bum - yeah, definitely good to have someone to work with that has similar weight to lose and height. How many weeks have you been on it?

Thanks again, it means a lot to have the support on here - I think I am going to find it harder than I first thought, but the end result is worth it, so I will just grin and bear it :D After all, this isn't about things tasting nice, it is about changing my life... :)

Annaphylactic x

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