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  1. Rawrrr1987

    Rawrrr1987 Member

    Hello everyone! Don't know if I'm even posting correctly, I'm brand new! :wave_cry:

    Bit of background...
    Last year I started off at 225lb, decided it WAS the year I was going to change ME....and I did. Went on Low Carb and then slowly migrated to general low fat/cal counting and I made it down to 178lb which is my lowest in years! I'm 5'10 so 178lb was very close to being in the 'normal' weight range. Anyway I fell pregnant with my first baby in the September and just totally gave in to the cravings for cupcakes and junk in general. By the end of my pregnancy I was literally like a beached whale weighing in at 250lb. My LO is 5 months old now and I'm just continuing to pile it on...and on...and on.
    So now at 237lb, I MUST do something.

    I did attempt to restart low carb again but everything needs to be prepped and cooked which is too time-consuming with a baby. So that's why I've turned to Slimfast. It just seems really efficient! I think it will help me kickstart myself into diet mode.

    I just have a few general questions, I hope someone can help or share their experiences...

    • I drink a LOT of tea...can I continue? Do I deduct the calories from my snack allowance?
    • The shakes contain roughly 200 cal, is it ok to substitute a shake for a 200 cal meal instead or is there something to it other than just calories to consider? (And I don't mean often, I mean for convenience if I find myself without any access to a shake).
    • What are some useful snack ideas? I don't want to be buying all the bars, etc. They're pretty expensive. Can I eat like, snackajacks and stuff?

    Thanks in advance!

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  3. tink2011

    tink2011 Silver Member

    Hi have a look at the stickies there 100 of 100cal snacks

    Personally i stopped drinking tea and allowed myself one at bed time if i had stuck to plan all day. I drank black coffee instead. Unless you can drink it black? I wouldn't use snack calories these are really important pick me ups during the day !! In my experience anyway the thought of that kit kat at 2pm kept me going ha ha !!

    Perhaps have a smaller tea? Use red milk you get for shakes?

    Once i dropped weight i started having a meal instead of shake as an occasional treat which i sooo enjoyed ha ha !! But its up to you as obviously more fat in food then shakes. I do it all the time now but im maintaining.

    You can have soup/ prawn cocktail/ toast/ spaghetti as 100 cal snack which is like a meal !

    Hope this helps good luck x
  4. vickytorz

    vickytorz Member


    I tend to turn to slimfast when I need to refocus - which I do right now. I find it takes the stress out of my decisions because I only have to worry about one meal! I don't drink loads of tea but I have two or three cups of white coffee with skimmed milk and I don't tend to count it (but maybe you should lol) and I have substituted meals but it tends to influence my losses. I find that when I calorie count I seem to undervalue foods so maybe that's just me but I do find if I stick to it 100% I have more success and I crave less.

    Snack wise I don't buy the bars i just have fruit or pom bear crisps if I fancy a treat don't be to hard on yourself I dont think you need to live in a slimfast bubble just the shakes will do.

    Hope that's of some help

    If you need some support just let me know I'm going to try to keep to it for the most part through Christmas eeeek x
  5. Rawrrr1987

    Rawrrr1987 Member

    Thanks guys, that's been awesome. I guess it would be a good idea to make a list of some 100cal snacks for my next food shop. I never thought about soup or toast or prawn cocktails for my snacks lol. So things are definitely looking up on that front. I definitely don't drink enough water so I will try my best to cut back on my cups of tea.
    It's also good to hear I can substitute the odd shake for a small meal, that sure helps got convenience!
    Thanks again, wish me luck! :)
  6. Rawrrr1987

    Rawrrr1987 Member

    Ok first day down but omg, what is that metallic aftertaste?! Yuck!
  7. tink2011

    tink2011 Silver Member

    I think i can remember that ! It was so long ago i forgot about it it will pass , as for a bit of bad breath that may stay!

    Just av a look when ur shopping at all biscuit and crisps youl be spoilt for 100 cal choices!!
  8. vickytorz

    vickytorz Member

    Haha oh yes I drink mine and have a coffee afterwards especially at breakfast. It's a small price to pay when the pounds drop off x
  9. Rawrrr1987

    Rawrrr1987 Member

    Lol, I actually thought it was my plastic flask at first. Bit of a shame because the summer strawberry shake tastes soooo good! I was planning on sitting down in front of the telly and sipping it slowly, looks like I'll just have to down it quickly lol. Do all of the flavours a have this aftertaste?
    As for the bad breath, I was on Atkins for about 5 months so kinda accustomed to it lol. Going shopping today for yummy snacks :)
  10. vickytorz

    vickytorz Member

    All of the flavours do for me but not until about ten minutes after I have finished and during I like the taste so I just haves different drink available afterwards. It might help anyway because they really fill me up. How are you finding it other than that? X
  11. Rawrrr1987

    Rawrrr1987 Member

    I'm the same, really enjoying the summer strawberry but ten minutes later, I'm gagging at the aftertaste lol. But other than that - so far, so good. I'm working my snacks so that I'm eating every two hours up until dinner time and then just a cuppa in the evening because I don't like to eat after 6 - eating so frequently means I haven't been hungry at all! Had a little sneak peak on the scales and I'm down 4lbs already. Thinking of trying the Asda or Tesco equivalents to see if they're just as good?

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