Hi newbie to SlimFast =)


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:DHi Everyone,

Ive just started the SlimFast diet on 01/01/2010, found the first day really good, untill the evening when i get bord and had some cereal and a bit of chocolate :cry:.
Has anyone got any tips on how to avoid this in the evenings?

Anyway, im on day 2 now and it seems to be going very well, for now.lol

I have a huge wedding coming up end of august and really dont wanna be FAT got ALOT to lose. Im a size 30-32 and the GORGEOUS dress i have brought is a 16-18, arrrrr!!
Doctor recons if i stick to it religously and excercise i could have a chance of getting to it (I HOPE)!!!

Anyway, enought blabbering, look forward to hearing some replies xxxxx

luv maxine

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start date; 01/01/2010
goal weight; 196LBS

week 1;
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try and find 100cal snacks to have.. Maybe if you can, have only one during the day then have 2 in the eve until your will power gets stronger.. Have a look at the 100cal snacks sticky to give you some ideas!!!!

Also welcome!!! Hope things are going ok...
Keep posting is another good idea!!!!! Start a diary if you have not already...


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I agree with Kez, the 100cal snacks are really usefull for when you're hungry or low on energy.
Just keep thinking of the dress, you can do it! :)


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Hi Maxine

I've taken photo's of a pair of jeans i want to get into and have stuck them up on the fridge and cupboard doors as an incentive - hopefully it will work....i'm starting SF tomorrow so we'll see. I've also signed up to a 10k run in April as another incentive/target.. can't even walk up stairs at moment without heart rate increasing so should be interesting :)

Sounds like your GP is supportive of slimfast?


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Hi Maxine,

I am new too on the slim fast plan, though I have tried it on and off for a week or so when i am going on holiday and it does work! So i am determined to make my weeks last a bit longer this time and see how much weight i can really shift! I am giving myself 4 weeks to stick to it and see how it goes!

I was also surprised with a trip to tenerife in 5 weeks time with my boyfriend's family so the pressure is on to look good (well, better!) in my tankini!

Keep yourself busy in the evenings...my friend and i have just worked out a keep fit plan, which involves walking and swimming and we have vowed to each other to stay out the pub (well, at least stay off the alcoholic drinks for a month!) Also, jellys are really good for snacking on, the little ones in the pots that are already made...

Good Luck...I will be with you all the way and we can do this!

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Lou xx :p