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Hi to anyone who remembers me... and anyone need some CD spares ???

Just checking in after a few months maintaining! The good news is that I'm still at target after almost 3 months now ...some ups and downs and adjusting, but life's good, the weight is stable, I've just bought my size 12 Christmas dress (have come down from a size 30) and enjoying life as a slimmer, more energetic Bagpuss. Anyone who has a lot to lose, just keep right on. It CAN be done, even if you think you'll never be the person who loses what they set out to lose (that was me!) and it's worth every single day of the journey. Lots of love to the people who put up with my whining en route and supported me, here on Minimins.

I'm not using CD products now, and I have quite a few products left over. As I don't know anyone else on the CD, it's too late to return them to my CDC and I won't (for obvious reasons) sell them on Ebay, I'd really like pass them with no charge to on to someone already signed up to the CD officially ... so if the moderators here have no objections and I'm not breaking any site rules, I'd be really happy to stick these as one parcel in the post to anyone who'd find them useful

1 x full tub Mix a Mousse
1 X full tub savoury vegetable drink
1/3 tub summer berries powder
3/4 tub Fibre 89
2 x vanilla shake
1 x butterscotch shake
1 x cappacino shake
2 x chicken and mushroom soups
2 x chocolate shakes
3 x choc orange shakes

No charge, no strings - just passing on the goodwill I was shown here, so do message me if you'd like the goodies. Couldn't have done it without this site :)

Bagpuss xxx
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you went from size 30 to a 12????


that's incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Queen of the Damned
Wow Bagpuss, kudos to you!! :clap: :clap:
30 to 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wowser and well done you for maintaining, I'm a tetra girl myself but it is a lovely gesture and I am sure someone will bite your hand off.



please try again
WOW size 30 down to 12
im a 28 trying to get to a 10 - 12 so great to hear that youve done it, are maintaining and have got yourself a beautiful outfit for the party season
wow Bagpuss, that is absolutely amazing :party0019:

Thats very inspiring for everyone trying to lose weight...:party0011::party0011:

Well done on your fab result, really brilliant....... You can now walk past Evans and say,,,,,, all to big they don't fit......



Enjoy a slimmer Christmas...
I think your story can do more for other CDers than can the shakes and soups that you're offering - and I'm not knocking you for your generosity, just dead impressed at your achievement.

Well, done - a total inspiration, and I hope you knock em all dead in your size 12 xmas dress.

Do you have piccies? I'd love to see the transformation



Finally...Life begins
What an amazing achievement well done BP. you are gonna look super hot this xmas and bursting with pride no doubt!
Well done, Angela xxx
You are amazing Bagpuss, I think you need to be posting some piccies - I am so nosey.

Also, in a world where people are always trying to make a profit, your offer is very generous and I hope whoever takes you up on it will walk the same great path as you have.:)
THANKS for all your messages ladies - it's lovely to see the people I remember from back in the summer posting, too - I didn't chat much on here, but your stories were read avidly and they really helped me along the way. And good luck to all the new starters, too! I'll keep checking back in here because if this diet has shown me anything it's that you really can't do it all alone - we need each other. And I need to keep on the straight and narrow!!!

As for the packs - I've had some messages, everything's been snapped up now and I'll be replying to the people who mailed me nearer the end of the week when I can slip out to the post office.

I did post pics this summer - but only for a short spell! :D

Take care all - good luck and go well xxx

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