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  1. flabtofit

    flabtofit Gold Member

    Hello everyone,
    I'm starting Exante tomorrow - very excited!

    I've been on Slimming World for quite a while getting down from 15st 7lbs to 11st 1lbs. I have however found that I have become bored with the plan and have gained weight - making me now approx 12st 7lbs.
    My target weight is 11st and I'm hoping that a few weeks of Exante will get me there.

    I'm a self confessed binge eater and I'm hoping that by eliminating food for a few weeks, it's help get me out of that cycle.

    I've never tried a VLCD before and am quite nervous about what to expect.
    Hope I can stick with it.

    How has everyone's experiences been of Exante and any tips for a newbie? X
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  3. flabtofit

    flabtofit Gold Member

    Thank you!
    I've just gotten out my Exante packed for tomorrow. Planning on Vanilla shake at around 12, Toffee Caramel shake at around 4 and the Mushroom Risotto meal around 7.

    Am leaving my purse at home tomorrow so I'm not tempted when I'm out on the road.

    I know what you mean about Slimming World - it's a good plan and will be nice to use when I'm maintaining my weight but you simply don' lose enough weight on it and it does become boring after a while.

  4. flabtofit

    flabtofit Gold Member

    I'm hoping it'll do the trick. Binge eating has always been part of my life - I can manage for months but then it takes hold and I will binge solidly for days or even weeks.

    Here's hoping day one will be okay.

    Thanks for the support and tips xx
  5. flabtofit

    flabtofit Gold Member

    Fingers crossed :)
  6. mrsdkt2012

    mrsdkt2012 Full Member

    Good luck! I started on Tuesday after being on slimming world since january - I am on day 3 now and so far feeling okay! I managed to put off having first shake till 12 yesterday afternoon and didnt find myself hungry, whereas on day one ate at 7am, 12pm then got in from work at 3 and wanted to eat everything!! xx
  7. thisisme

    thisisme Full Member

    Good luck Hun, I lost 2.5 stone in Oct-Dec 2012, went to Greece last summer and lost another 1.5 stone in 6 months but since coming home in November I've put 2 stone on so am back on Exante hoping to lose it before I go away in 6 weeks.

    Once the first week is over and you see the big loss on weigh in its definitely great motivation to keep going. I just have vanilla shakes (with a spoon of coffee) and chocolate mint. I find limiting my choices helps as it totally cuts out having to decide what to have each day and thinking about food, plus, as a self confesses chocoholic, I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything either. On top of my water intake I'm drinking approx 6 cups of green tea a day and I take a mug of peppermint tea to bed with me and it all seems to be working well :)
  8. flabtofit

    flabtofit Gold Member

    Thanks hun. It's nice to hear from someone else who has switched from Slimming World.

    Am doing okay so far. Sipping water and haven't had the first pack yet. Hope I'll be able to do it xx
  9. flabtofit

    flabtofit Gold Member

    Wow! Amazing loss.
    I too like the fact that the packs take away and decisions. It's easier if you haven't got to think of food.
    Can't wait to weigh next week!

    Good luck x
  10. mrsdkt2012

    mrsdkt2012 Full Member

    I have drank 1litre so far and not had a pack, I have physio now so hoping to have my pack at 12:15 ish :) I had my second pack at 5 last night at my bar at 6:45 - how are you feeling so far? x
  11. flabtofit

    flabtofit Gold Member

    I'm okay so far. I've almost drunk a litre. Will have the first pack around half 12, plan to have pack two around 5 and pack 3 around half 7.

    Hope I can do it.
    Was so fired up this morning and now I'm starting to worry about managing without actual food x
  12. flabtofit

    flabtofit Gold Member

    1.5litres of water down and jus had my shake - Vanilla - which was nice and thick.

    Hoping I can last. X
  13. mrsdkt2012

    mrsdkt2012 Full Member

    How much water do you put in the shakes? I just had a banana one and it was lovely! Really refreshing :) Hope you have a good day x

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