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Hi guys!

I've already posted in the introduction forum but thought i would post in here too.

I'm starting on Exante total solutions in 2 weeks time (when I get paid and can order it, lol!) and just wanted to know what to expect, if any of you have any tips on how to get through it etc.

I've got just over 2 and a half stone to lose. I've had a quick read of some of the posts on this forum and you all seem like a friendly and inspiring bunch! Will be great to get a bit of support as I've always found it hard to diet in the past and just really want to make it work this time and put the effort in.

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hi shuffler, you will find this place always willing to help with advise and motivation its a real god send when you are starting out. ive just completed week one and my only real advise would maybe to lower your carb intake before you start so its not as big a shock to your system and if you are a fizzy juice drinker cut that down too, im sure others will be on with some help too. hope to see your future posts and when the time comes order your stuff its the best money you will spend!
2 1/2 stone? easy peasy. Stick to the rules and you'll have it shifted in no time. :)

What to expect? This is a VLCD, a diet with a very limited amount of carbs, which forces your body to run on fat. In order for it to work effectively, you need to stick to it. The first week is difficult and makes you feel a bit crummy:- hunger, monster cravings, and perhaps headaches on day 2-3. However stick out the first week while your body is just craving carbs, and it all settles down a bit. Just get week 1 out of the way first.

It gets tough sometimes (it's the dietary version of an assault course) but anything really worth doing often is. :)
Hi both, and thanks for the advice! I am a bit of a pasta freak so I think I'll try to stop with that until I start...

This might sound really bad, but I think the not drinking alcohol might be just as hard as the not eating :eek:

It feels a bit weird coming on here before I've even started, but I think I kind of need to psyche myself up for it, if that makes sense?
Definitely steer clear of the pasta. and anything else that's hugely carbish. It'll make the transition much easier.

And no, it doesn't sound bad, I still find sober friday evenings an odd concept, and a bit of mental preparation is not a bad thing. Gives you an opportunity to get used to the idea, do your homework, re-arrange the kitchen and rid the house of (or hide) goodies.
Right! I'm determined now. I've even just taken 'before' pictures. I'm so skint all the time that I will literally be spending all my food budget on Exante stuff, so I will have no other option but to stick to it :)
I loved reading about people who treat themselves with sparkling water from a nice glass, that sounds like such a good idea! I would never normally buy nice water either, so that may have to become an extravagance.
Can I ask you which plan you intend following?

Only because your BMI currently is only 25.8 which means you are not really suitable for a TFR VLCD, they are only really recommended for a start BMI of over 30.

I would suggest you follow the Working Solution (or even Simple) rather than the Total, you will still lose a decent amount of weight in a fairly short time but you will do it much more safely.

In the meantime hello and welcome! :)
Well, I was planning on doing the total version as the thing that appealed to me was removing food from the equation altogether. On their website it just says it's not suitable if your BMI is under 25, so I thought I'd be alright.
I was thinking of doing the total plan for about 4 weeks and then scaling it down to one of the others, just to get a kickstart and sort of go 'cold turkey' on the whole food thing.
I'm also not sure whether it makes much of a difference, but even though I'm carrying a bit of extra weight, I do have quite a small frame underneath it all so I sort of feel more 'overweight' than my weight and height say. This may make no sense whatsoever!!:eek:

Nice to meet you by the way! x
In that case ignore everything I just said, and good luck. :D

I think it's the NICE guidelines that say 30 or over, I'm probably just paranoid!
Haha! I suppose they do have to be careful not to be seen to advocate such 'extreme' measures for people who are a reasonably healthy weight. I shall see how I get on with it!
I just checked the NICE guidelines (cos I'm a bit anal like that :eek:) and actually I think I am right.

It says

Very-low-calorie diets (less than 1000 kcal/day) may be used for a maximum of 12 weeks continuously, or intermittently with a low-calorie diet (for example for 2–4 days a week), if the person is obese and has reached a plateau in weight loss.

Obese is classed as a BMI of 30 or over.

However, yours seems to be a sensible approach so I'm sure you'll be OK. :)


Still Motivated
Hello Shuffler,
Looking forward to sharing your journey.

Although it is entirely your decision regarding the total solution thing just be aware that if you do not have much fat stored to use as fuel your body will look to lean muscle to burn instead. Please just be careful.

Love Myr xxx

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