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Hi i have been unsuccessfully dieting my whole life. Week two of slimming world lost the first week and put it all back on the second week . This is the pattern i follow which means i get no where just disappointed which makes me eat more . Hopefully this will be the time i get to control my eating instead of it controlling me .
Aly x
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Oh no you do need some support...reading everyones stories is very inspirational & motivating.remember to track what you eat and record your success...think about starting a diary or success chart blog so you can show everybody & prove to yourself you can do this!I've dieted lots of lots and keep getting heavier each time I came off but this is my life it's not a quick fix it will take time & strength but I'll get there and so will you to.have you done sw before?do you like the foods you are eating?
Not done sw before, i do like the food so far, but am struggling with food for work. Am getting a bit sick of salad lol. Am writing everything down and sticking to the plan so far it is only day two of this week tho , from what i understand its lots of fruit and vegetables and not much of anything else x
I did SW once before but that was when it was red & green days not sure of this extra easy plan if that's what your doing?I used to make tuna pasta or jacket potatoes,steak & chicken with sin free chips...I just never completed it as didn't have much time for preparing meals and dont eat that much I haven't dieted for over a year but lost the most weight with WW & joined back 2 weeks ago.I just need to get past the "feeling better" stage & get to goal rather than stopping then putting it back on plus more!there are blogs on here for SW diarys have a look on there for lunch ideas I also here they have a website you could have a look for?hope this helps.
HI aly77 good luck with your journey. I find reading peoples posts really helpful its made me realise that everyone has there ups and downs but the trick is to pick yourself up again and keep going.
Hi There !! Im new to the forum !! Im on SW and I joined on 2nd August. I think the hardest part is trying to not give up. You need to know you can do it. Focus on how better your life will be - picture yourself slinky - thats what Im doing !!

Good luck

Karen x
Thanks Karen, i had a bit of a wobble today but have counted up my sins and deducted them . Will be forfeiting my Chinese the weekend now but at least i am back on track.
Aww - hugs to you for your 'wobble moment'

I tend to try and keep my syns as low as I can. I know its in my head but I can cope knowing I CAN have them but I dont WANT them (as opposed to other diets Ive had in the past where I denied myself everything and it killed me inside)

Once you've had a little loss thats it... you're off... daring to dream about what you can do the next week.. and the week after :)

I try to keep my sins low but struggle not food for work as i always end up with sandwiches. Have been looking at some pasta and rice dishes so looks like i will be putting my cooking apron on.
Ps thanks for the hug x
You're welcome.

I like Batchelors Pasta n Sauces. The Mild Cheese & Brocoli one is my favourite and thats half a syn per pack !! The chicken & mushroom one is free and so is the tomato, onion and herb one (which you could have cold in work?)

I search for ideas online.. in my SW books & magazines... and then I make a note of them to jog my memory when i'm feeling like things are repeating themselves

Have read through some recipes on here i never thought about pasta and rice cold, i am dull sometimes lol. I cooking rice as i type. Good tip on the pasta things will defiantly be putting them on the shopping list
Hi and welcome. Did you keep a food diary? What do you think went wrong?

Have you started a diary thread and/or a food diary thread in the SW section?

You can do it. One day at a time.

Irene xx
Hi i have kept a food diary, and started a diary on here, i feel i bit silly writing it tho.
It normally goes wrong by have a bar of chocolate or packet of crisps then it escalates into a complete car crash and binge.
Good luck to you, i'm also new (well restarted) and am finding this site a great help... I've looked through the SW recipes and ordered my sopping on line with the aim of making some, i'm not a great cook so fingers crossed :)
2manycupcakes said:
Good luck to you, i'm also new (well restarted) and am finding this site a great help... I've looked through the SW recipes and ordered my sopping on line with the aim of making some, i'm not a great cook so fingers crossed :)
Am sure you will be fine, i am not the best cook either so will be a massive learning curve for me, am attempting to make chili today oh god lol. Good luck for your first week, let me know how you get on
Aly x