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  1. JustForMe

    JustForMe Gold Member

    Hey, I'm Kelly and I'm 25. I signed up to this site back in 2008 (Where has the time gone?) and for a while I reached my goal. However life caught up with me, got married, moved and I fell off track. I'm here I again as this place is an awesome place for support. I'm currently waiting the delivery of meal replacement shakes and so for this week I am just trying to cut back and be 'healthy'. I'm going to look about to see if I can find any old faces and hello to all you lovely new ones ;)
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  3. missclare85

    missclare85 Silver Member

    Awwww bestieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee u popped up in my news feed! the place where we met!!! xxxxxx
  4. babysumo

    babysumo Member

    Hey Kelly all the best to you
  5. JustForMe

    JustForMe Gold Member

    Clareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Haha, It is indeed. All those freaking years ago. I got fat again :'[. So I came back. But going to work hard. I need all the support I can get, America makes people huge!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  6. Princess_Ruthy

    Princess_Ruthy Silver Member

    Welcome to Minimins! I also joined quite a while ago and i'm not back (i was under another username). Good luck on your weight loss journey :)
  7. missclare85

    missclare85 Silver Member

    Awww babe ur not the only one who got fat again. U can see that from my stats. U know u can do this. Onwards and downwards xxxxxxxxx

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