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High Protein


Les Mills Fitness Freak
hi all :)

what are some high protein foods out there? im trying to build up alot of muscle, this requires a more protien based diet.

looked it up and i got recommended to go on atkins. no thank you, if i lose anymore weight i wont find clothes to fit me!!! i just want the muscles :)

please list any high protein, low carb foods if you know any.

so far i only have chicken on my list and i cant live off chicken!
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Hi gina_b,
What about beans, lentils, corn, quinoa, cheese/yoghurt, turkey, fish (I think sardines are very high in it), eggs, tofu, crab/prawns and steak (yummmmm).


Les Mills Fitness Freak
i got some quorn steaks and burgers today, got plenty of yoghurts in aswell :)

the only real meat i like is chicken, the rest is quorn alternatives!
what can you have with tofu?

i would go the atkins route but that goes into ketosis, i can deal with burning the fat but i dont want to risk losing any of the muscle ive worked hard for
Hi!..My friend loves Tofu, she's a vegetarian..so I'll get on to her today and find out some nice recipes for you. Do you like fish?. If not, maybe for something different you could mix chicken with different beans in a tomato based stew. Or maybe make quorn chilli and throw in lots of beans. Do you like Indian food..maybe make some of the lentil based dishes for lunch?


Les Mills Fitness Freak
im not a fan of fish, but im willing to eat more of it. i have to be careful about what i have though as i have an severe allergy to some of it (prawns particurally)
another allergy is apples. they have the a less severe affect but they still make my throat swell up badly

the chillli idea is fab, i make alot of chilli anyway, so i can just chuck in more beans ^_^
Hi gina_b,
That's pretty scary about your allergies. Do you think you could eat Cod or other chunky white fish?...I saw a nice recipe where you wrap the fish in parma ham and when it's cooked, put it on a bed of butterbeans and wilted green spinach...that sounds like it could be high in protein. I'm still waiting on my friend to get back to me about the tofu but I'll keep you updated. How's your training going?. I'm pretty unfit now and only getting back in to swing of it but I used to run a lot when I was younger.


Les Mills Fitness Freak
ive always noticed that my thraots "itched" after eating prawns and my throats swollen up quite bad, but last time my entire face was swollen about 3 times bigger than normal :( took days to go down
white fish i think im ok with, i can have cod fish fingers and they dont affect me :)

the trainings going great! it was messed up today and i didnt have enough time to do my powerplate and a class but im making up for it tommorow morning....
todays high protein meal was two quorn burgers, and a tin of baked beans :)
Hi Gina, love hearing about all your exercise. I am in to the gym too although don't go anywhere near as much as you! I do have a personal trainer once a week though (when i can afford it) and thats like three gym sessions rolled into one!

When I was trying to build muscle I was eating alot of eggs, tuna, almonds (or any kind of nuts or seeds) low fat cheese/yoghurt, and all kinds of meat, fish and seafood, plus protein shakes (great for high protein, low cal). I was even keeping a record of how many grams of protein I ate a day and could get between 75-90g which is pretty good for my weight.

Im trying to lower my body fat at the mo so, although I'm still eating a high protein diet, its alot lower in carbs than before and Im really gonna start hitting the cardio next week.

Are you doing much weight work at the gym? My trainer had me deadlifting and squatting with pretty high weights and I'm noticable much stronger and have more lean muscle as a result. My PB for deadlift is 47kg which is not far off my bodyweight, and once I start with weights again I'll be aiming to get over 50kg. Watch ur posture if your going to be doing it without a spotter though.

Hope that helps and good luck with the training!



Les Mills Fitness Freak
i do a body pump class once a week, and have my own weights at home, theres an old bar in the backgarden but its all rusty and falling apart :( but i do weight training both gym and home. although at home im limited to doing only my arms cos ive got hand weights, they are a heavy weight though at 10kg
i need to work on my arms alot though, lower body is rock hard with muscle, but my upper body is weak in comparrison, my arms are too weddy looking

im looking into protein shakes but i dont want them big tubs! a small sachet or a small sized tub would be more practical to carry round with me

i LOVE eggs too, might add scrambled eggs with my quorn steaks

theres a boxing shop near me, they sell protien shakes and stuff like that, might get some of their protein bars for pre workouts
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Sounds good :)

You dont have to buy a massive tub hun, they come in all different sizes, but what i tend to do is put the powder in a shaker in the morning and then whenever i want to drink it i add water and shake it up.

You can also get protein bars which are just as good, although I've had to just stop eating them as they tend to upset my tummy abit.

You might have to play around with which protein you take as there are so many different brands which have different ingrediants and vary in price quite abit. I would stay away from maximuscle (or maxitone) if i were you though because IMHO they are very expensive and Reflex tastes just as good. I bought one recommended by my trainer which tastes horrible but it does the job so i just mix with with as little water as possible and gulp it down!


Les Mills Fitness Freak
well we had no eggs in the fridge, so i nicked 2 of them from some scotch eggs. left the meaty bit in the packet for someone else to eat! had them with 2 quorn steaks, and a pack of veg. very filling, but yummy.

ill be stocking up on almonds and eggs in the shopping from now on!

last time i had a protein bar it tasted vile, i still ate it but it was just bad tasting!just pulled a face eating it, must of looked a right sight!
i see that maxitone one around alot, very costly too....
yeah they don't taste the best - quite gritty.

Maxitone is quite expensive. Its one of the best tasting ones but im just not convinced its worth the extra money than all of the others. I think you're just paying for a brand.

Just out of interest - how do u find the time to go to all ur gym classes? Do you work/study? All i want to do is sleep when i get home from work, but maybe if i started working out more regularly then that would go...


Les Mills Fitness Freak
working full time, 8 hour day, then its straight to the gym. its close by work so i walk it there. i dont have any kids or partner to come home too so i have alot of free time in the day.
i admit sometime work tires me out, and i feel like just going home but its so hard to book in these classes, and i always feel better after going.
i go sat and sun mornings, and sleep most of the day after that. sat and sun, from 1pm ill be asleep until 6/7pm ish...

this one was an apple and blueberry one, it didnt taste like apple and blueberry :(
You must have alot of dedication to go after a full days work! I work full time too, but the gym is only 5 minutes away from my house so i've got no excuse not to go really. I've never been to an exercise class though, even though they are included in my membership, because i dont want to go by myself and my partner is abit of a mans man and wont go to an exercise class. Maybe i'll just take the plunge and go one day!

Got a personal training session tomorrow morning (last one for a while) and im really not looking forward to it! Last week we did, amongst other things, hill sprints with a weighted rucksack - i wanted to cry by the end! Normally i come away feeling really happy after training but last week i think we crossed the line over what i find enjoyable!

You've inspired me to get back into the gym abit more - thankyou! And i may even try out an exercise class! Will let you know how i get on!


Les Mills Fitness Freak
ive always wanted to get some personal training sessions, but they arnt that cheap :(
i started going to classes with my sis in law, she quit going but i stayed going on my own, always have since. tried to get some mates to try them out but they havent liked them, one walked out after 5 minutes as she found it too hard! luckily i talk to people in the gym so i have found some mates there

for me its not about getting fit, i go becuase i enjoy it, its my fun, instead of going out at the weekend i go out to the gym, still go out drinking but i dont drink alot
Tell me about it - mine is £25 an hour! He is good, but at the moment I just can't afford it, so tomorrow will be the last one for awhile - gonna start making some proper use of my gym membership!

I spend most (well... all!) of my free time with my partner, and we are both lazy at heart so it doesnt help things! Im looking forward to getting back into it though :)


Les Mills Fitness Freak
ouch.... i pay £27 a month for my gym membership!
eek...i couldnt afford a PT even if i wanted to.

ive got a fave instructor though, claire, i do all her classes mainly, they get booked up very quickly though so i have tyo be quick on the hpone ready to book in...
I pay £32.50 ontop of that for my gym membership - and there isnt even a pool there! The cons of living in a big city i guess, I know where my parents live it would be much cheeper but oh well!

Training session went ok today - really wasnt in the mood for it though, but still did pretty much a full workout. Not quite as intense as last week though which was nice!

My trainer has recommended some fat strippers (tablets). He's taken them before himself and has explained how they work. I've looked at them and they are £40 so im not sure... They obviously only work with a strict diet and exercise regime so I would need to make sure I was going to the gym regularly. I trust his judgement though and if he thinks they will help then I might get them in a couple of weeks once im abit nearer to payday and know i can afford it!

Really want to get my body fat levels down - im not seeing my trainer for a month or so now and it would be nice if i could go back to him in better shape than i am now... might start a food and exercise diary over on the calorie counting forum to help keep me on track...



Les Mills Fitness Freak
im trying to reduce my body fat levels too, my aim is athlete level!


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High protein foods I love:)

- tofu (is the king of protein)
- soy beans
- lentils
- chickpeas
- other beans
- veggie burgues
- TVP (textured vegetable protein)
- peas
- nuts, seeds and almonds (though these are high fat as well)
- spinach
- broccoli

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