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Hippngrvy's Weight loss Journey...

Hi peeps. Well, I decided to start a diary, to keep me on track! Thought it would be a good place to have a whinge, a rant and a gossip; and maybe get the odd kick in the right direction so I can get my lard arse down to 9st 10!

When I say that's the weight I want to be; I seem to get funny looks lol. I've always been big; I was a big kid; never really fat just stocky until I hit puberty and then 'wahpow' it was like I grew upwards and outwards in equal quantities!
I never really looked obese or anything, I was always just the bigger girl... I gained weight after having my kids; but with my ex being a big fella I always felt smaller than I really was. After having Kieran, my 2nd child, I did lose weight going down from 14 to 11 1/2 st, on slimming world, but then it all went back on in 2006 when I went on the pill; in fact I put two stone on in 2 months!

In 2007 I decided to come off it and lost a stone in the first month, taking me down to 14stone....that's when I met my new husband! We met at our '10 year school reunion' and instantly hit it off! 3mths later he'd moved in lol! He was about 13stone at the time (he's 5ft 10), although he's now just under 12stone, and yet a year previous he'd weighed in at 18st. He'd lost a lot of the weight when he and his ex-wife split as he ate and drank less and exercised a lot more...although I was really pleased for him, it didn't help me feel good about myself... the problem was he seem to mention it constantly; only I think cause he was proud of himself, but he'd go on and on and on about how he didn't understand why people stayed fat when it was so easy to lose weight. What I don't think he understood was he'd always been a slim person; and then he discovered alcohol and deep fried food and that's how he'd piled the weight on eating and drinking to excess everyday...I was the opposite; I ate quite a healthy diet; lots of fruit and veg, didn't drink that often, it was simply portion sizes where I was messing up; which after being on slimming world was impossible to teach yourself! If I'd led the lifestyle he had I would have been even bigger! lol. In his eyes I wasn't fat; so I don't think it registered how upsetting I found it that he was constantly belittling overweight people... it also didn't help that his ex-wife was a size 6-8 and weighed about 8stone! He'd decided (I don't know why!) to show me all his photographs of his wedding (he's only got married in 2005 but they split a year later...) so they were recent photos; and although she had a face like the back end of a bus (did I say that out loud? lol) she was skinny and it made me even more concious of myself. I mentioned about thinking of going on weight watchers one day; and his comment,although said in jest kinda stung when he said ' oh no, I've gone from one always complaining she was too skinny to one complaining she is too fat'... so, enough was enough, and although he would constantly, and still does tell me he loves me no matter what shape or size I am; I joined weight watchers! That was in December 2007, weighing 14st. By August 2008 I weighed 11st 5. By this time we'd booked our wedding, and my wedding dress had already been sent back for being too big, so I had to put on 3-4 lb so that it fit properly! Now I really want to lose the extra weight to get down to goal. I say I want to be 9st 10 as that's BMI of 22, the 'healthiest' BMI apparently; but; to sit at 10st would be great!
Since we got married in Nov.08 we've been trying for a baby; but, my DH found out for definite in April that he's barely fertile, possibly caused by the two bouts of Mumps he's had. Up until now I have been using the excuse of 'well, there is no point in loosing weight just to put it all back on when I get pregnant'. However, the docs have said that although there is a slim chance we might get pregnant naturally it is IVF that we need to get pregnant, something that as I already have children from my previous marriage, we would have to fund privately - and not something that we'll be able to afford within the next 2-3 years due to my hubby being back at college after being made redundant last year...
So; I have accepted that pregnancy is unlikely; and I am now on
my path to a slimmer me!

I've pigged out on food at least 3-4 times in the past 10days, so today I am kinda having a detox day; drinking lots of fluid; eating fresh fruit/veg and then tomorrow I am going to get weighed in the morning and start my 20pts a day. I weighed in at 11st 1 a week ago, so hoping it isn't too bad this week.... I am also going to pop and get some batteries for my Wii remotes and start the EA Active; which has been sat in my cupboard for a year and only used once! So 30day challenge here I come!

Well after that initial first rsant I am going to go and read some other posts and wait until tomorrow to tell the minimins world how I get on.... xx
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aww sorry to hear about your hubby's problems.. but they say you always find out you're pregnant when you stop "trying".

good luck with your last leg of the journey, and especially with the EA active.. i've heard its evil! :p xxx
ta chuck; yeh; hoping that saying works for us too loll... EA active is def evil; that's why i only used it once - couldn't walk properly for three days lol
well; i got weighed this morning, and had put on a lb, not bad for the amount of take-away I'd managed to consume! So today is the first day of my strict new me - I am even avoiding the pub today and just going to have one cider when hubby gets in later as we haven't got the kids tonight as they're at their dads... so; it's 20pts. I must say, I have already consumed 15 of them; but evening meal is 0pt soup, so plenty of points left considering I am too busy to eat this afternoon as I have decided to start re-vamping my lounge, and whilst Andy has been at work I have ripped out the fireplace as I have always hated it, ready for my nice new plasma style fire to go in once I've decorated (can't wait!!), so I reckon I must be burning some calories today that's for sure!
It's my birthday on August 26 so I have promised the kids we can have pizza hut buffet for lunch, which is their favourite; but only on the condition that we get me in to the 10s before then lol. I've said that so that if they even see me eating anything which would take me over my points they will give me a big lecture lol. S I need to lose 3lbs in 18days; keep your fingers crossed for me! I will be upping my intake of water and trying to stay as active as possible.... right; back to clearing up the plaster from the fireplace that is now laid out on my floor lol :D


Mini-Addict :)
3lbs in 18 days? U can definitely do it :) xx
Hello yey you have a diary I can come check on you now daily :)
I tried 8 years for my eldest daughter me though I suffer poly cysitc overies,so know how it feels to want a baby badly,I have 3 now and my eldest is 15 and I still remember the feeling of wanting one,even though you have yours from previous it still is emotional,lets hope you can fund ivf sooner than you feel
I wouldnt worry about hubbs ex,he married you as he loves adores and fancies you,also he may prefer a bigger lady as you dont know what happens 100% in relationships,sounds like he wants you to be as you are,but I know how you feel you want to be 9 stone 10 :) Thats my goal,although Ive miles to go .......
The 3lbs in 18 days EASY just do it 100% exercise a little more than you are weigh and measure everything and track all that you have,and it will come off :)
Look forward to reading your diary and heres to 9.10 hun :) xx
It's the first free time I've had to check in properly - been very busy; so thanks hunni for your nice words! I have my fingers crossed that all works out on the baby front; but for now it's all weight weight weight lol. I know we can both do it; it's just hard at times aint it!
Well it's been a hectic few days working on this living room of mine; and it's starting to look so good! It's definitely been good exercise as I have been stood up all day everyday! I did go over my points a couple of days when I was out and caught short on something to have; but; as I would normally sit down all day at work on a computer I figured the extra 6 points I consumed over the week might be ok, esp. as I have been super good when it came to drinking fluids; something I am usually very bad at... so today I couldn't resist a quick jump on the wii to get weighed! I normally weigh first thing so that I haven't event; but today had eaten pretty much all my points prior to getting weighed; and I still managed to get a weight loss of 2lbs taking me down to 11st; the lowest I have been since I was a teenager, and that was when I was about 13! lol
I'm hoping I may lose an extra lb over night like I usually do when I get weighed before I eat! lol! Just so I can see the elusive 10's! When I first started WW I never thought I would see the 10s; something just seemed so unreachable about them; yet now they are within my grasp! The kids wanted pizza today; and I almost caved and had it with them; instead I stayed strong and instead had a couple of bites of a slice just satisfy my craving and had a nice veggie stir fry and some 0pt soup instead! I knew if I ate it I would be fuming with myself; and now I am happy I stayed strong :D As much as I am looking fwd to pizza hut on my birthday I am actually determined to stay quite strong during the meal too; and try not to completely stuff myself, or I will so regret it! We're gonna have the buffet, so I can eat lots of the salad and avoid the huge cheesy bites pizza what we would normally have, with every veggi starter do lol... I think I am truly in the weight loss zone now!! :) I bought the WW mag this week; and there were a couple of people in it with similar height; starting weights etc; and it always helps when they're similar as it seems to make your own goals more reachable :D


plodding away
Dropping in to say hi to your new diary

Sounds like you are well in control with this food stuff. Well done on the mini weigh in you should be down in those 10s soon
wow 10s hey ill pray for you :)
Well done on the willpower its hard with kids isnt it,I think all the extra work has kicked your weightloss up the harrase......Look forward to hearing how you do :) xx
Morning! Well; I jumped on the wii fit this morning, and it now registers me as - wait for it..... 10stone 13lbs!!! woooohoooooo!!!!!!! I never thought I would see that day that's for sure; I feel like standing on a podium doing a little speach ; " I would like to thank..."lol. The only downside is that I now lose a point; but who cares, that point can whistle; cause I am now ten stone something!!! I did a little naked victory wiggle; much to my husbands and daughters amusement lol :D
I just use my wii; when I got weighed at ww when i went back to class I checked to see what the weight was on my wii and it was the same, so that I knew it was accurate as I know if you have carpet or anything it can be slightly out; but I've got laminate down; so now it's just me and my wii; I do jump on the scales at home occasionally; but they're a lb out; so I stick with the wii :) was mighty happy this morning; and even resisted a cooked brekky at the cafe near our asda which would have meant me going over my points; so i had some stodgy date and raisin bread instead which did the trick and meant I will stay in my points for the day :D xx
you sound very determined and strong hun glad you've got into the 10s!! amazing! well done hope everything is going well for you and enjoyed your weekend! many congrats on resisting the cooked breakie too!! it's so tempting when you walk passed places or get a smell of something good! :D keep up the good work xx
Well, I made the mistake of going into the city centre when hubby was going to work yesterday; thought I would just pop in New Look for a look to see if there were any bargain sale items! There were; so I picked up two tops for £4 each and a fab pair skinny jeans for £12! One of the tops only cost me a £1 as when you bought three sale items you got the cheapest for a £1, so all in all I got £34 quids worth of stuff for £17...but then I made the mistake of walking round the shop! I also bought 7 new tops that weren't in the sale; all in a 12! Althought they are baggy floaty tops so that's why they're 12's and not 14's - but it still felt good :D They're multi-use tho cause I can wear them for work or out of work; so I suppose at £7 a top they were still bargains! I couldn't afford them at all; my plastic friend helped me out; but I couldn't go on for much longer seeing as I did my wardrobe out a couple of weeks ago and was left with 3 tops; one of which was a rugby shirt; so not exactly something I can wear to go anywhere other than if it's really casual! So at least now I have some pretty tops that I can wear whenever :D
I have the skinny jeans n one of the tops on today; and it didn't go unnoticed as my two kiddies said how lovely I looked; and Aimée said how 'trendy' I'd become... it was so nice to hear :)

I saw a friend whilst I was out who I'd not seen for quite a few months and he mentioned that I'd lost even more weight and that I was looking good for it; it made me feel really goo; and now even more determined to get another 1lb off before my 29th birthday!

I was reading my WW mag this morning; and I was lookjing at the starting and finishing weights of the people around my height; and noticed that they all had hit goal at or around 9st - my goal at the mo is 9st 10... but it made me wonder whether I am going to get to goal and then realise I need to set a new one? I don't want to go too slim that it gets incredibly hard to maintain like some celebs seem to do - one minuute they're a size eight; next they're back to being a 12-14 - how do you know when it's time to start maintaining rather than losing any more! I love the idea of being a size 8, but would it really be practical? I guess I will know when enough is enough when I get there - I hope I get there soon lol :D I do worry about what I will look like naked when I have finished losing weight. My stomach is already a mess due to have my children; I put on 4stone with each; and my son weighed in at 10st 13.5lbs when he was born; so my stomach got stretched so much that I measured '9mths' at 6mths! So my tummy is beyond repair; and I do hope in the future I will be able to get a tummy tuck; and with any luck a boob job too. My boobs have always been big; I'm currently a 34GG, I was a 37HH when I started WW, but they went up to a 38J when I was pregnant and even bigger when I was breastfeeding; so now they are starting to shrink as I lose weight they are getting a tad droopy which makes me feel somewhat terrible about myself... yes I look better when I have clothes on, but I actually felt I looked better naked when I was bigger! I know no one other than me and my hubby see me naked and he constantly tells me I look great; oh and the kids, but it's definitely playing on my mind a little, well, a lot!

Well today I am feeling the hunger, probably because I aint that busy today. I am sticking to 17pts today instead of 19; I went over my 5.5 pts yesterday as hubby and I had a late night last night and got the munchies so we had some chinese; I only had some noodles (4pts) though, and followed it with two squares ofwhite choc (1.5pts) so I am saving some pts over 3 days to even it out. I've had 12pts today so far including lunch; but we're having a big 0pt curry with rice (3pts) and a cider (2pts) tonight; so that will fill me up and take me to 17pts. I love how flexible WW is. It really does show you that occassionally you can have a little treat as long as you are sensible for the rest of the week....
Well; I am back after my birthday fortnight lol. I have managed to stay the same which I am so happy with; as there have been quite a few meals out n ice creams with the kids; but now it's onwards and downwards. I am now focussing on my 2nd wedding anniversary which is on November 29 and my hubby's 30th birthday on December 10. We're going to book a nice meal out for the two of us in between the two dates, and I really want to buy some new underwear and a new dress. I always make somewhat of an effort if we go anywhere, but it is still usually jeans and a top; and in the three years we have been together we've never really been out for a meal in a restaurant before; we always do pub food; so this year we're making the effort and I want to make an effort in the looks department too. lol.
It's 13weeks roughly until we will be going out; so I'd love it if I could get a lb off per week and get down to 10st, but I do have a couple of things coming up between now and then, and also I usually gain or STS at TOTM, so, I am aiming for at least 9lbs, which I know doesn't sound a lot seeing as it's 3mths away, but I'd rather set myself a smaller target and reach it, than go for something bigger and fail; which would just make me unhappy! PLus; I would be 10st 4 then, and well on my way to my goal for the end of December of 10st.

I've been thinking a lot lately about why I eat; and self sabotage when it comes to Weight watchers; and I think it's because I've never thought I could get to goal, whereas now I think I am really starting to believe it! It's strange too how your goals change as you lose weight. origninally when I started on WW I just wanted to get down to the 11's, but then I realised although I was a lot slimmer I still wasn't at a comfortable weight. Now I am in my ten's I am hoping that the journey down starts to make me feel slimmer; as I don't yet feel any slimmer than before; as I have been roughly the same weight as I am now once before... But; heading down towards 10st will be slimmer than I can every remember being!

I'm going to make sure I write in here everyday, and make sure I post my weight every week too; as I think if I don't then apart from myself I will have no one to answer to; and I think that's the same as when you skip class cause you have had a bad week; it doesn't do you any good at all!
Hello!! Well; I went bk to work yesterday after the wks summer hols off, and I really thought if anything was gonna make me want to comfort eat then it would be being back at work! However; they've put me back on the section where I used to be and not where I've been for the past 3-4 mths, so I am soooo much happier; and instead of munching through all my daily points in chocolate or crisps I've snacked on fruit and raw veggies and come home with plenty of points for my evening meal! I'm a lot happier in myself too; even though I've only been bk two days!Plenty of people have commented that they can see a difference in my weight since before the hols; and even though I aint really lost that much I suppose it's more noticeable when you don't see someone for a while... I'nm really happy to be sticking to plan 10% and I am hoping for a good loss over the next few weeks. I did get weighed on Monday morning and the hols caught up with me as I weighed in at 11st1, but I wasn't disheartened as I know it will come straight back off if I stick to plan! Someone asked me today if I planned on losing much more? I said yes, at least another stone, hopefully more; and they were like 'oh you will be dissapear' but I kow that's only cause they're not used to seeing the slimmer me; it's like when you read WW magazines and you see the photos of the new 'slim' version and they just look normal; but to their friends and family they wouldn't be used to it and would have got the odd comment about 'oooh you don't want to be loosing anymore....' in the past I've let it stop me losing anymore; but, I now know that I am heading in to a healthy BMI and that once I have been lighter for a while no one will notice the difference... it's like if I ever tell anyone I work with that I used to be 14stone, which I was before I started there; they are always like 'oooh I can't imagine you being heavier than you are; you wouldn't look right'....

I'm also not trying to let my husband bring me down; that's sounds awful doesn't it; but it's true... I often fall off points when my hubby is feeling a bit down... The baby issue with him not being able to get me pregnant due to his extremely low sperm count is really getting him down. He doesn't like to talk abot it; I've tried bringing the subject up; and just get fobbed off; so I have left it alone otherwise it ends in him getting angry, and arguing with me about unrelated issues just to change the subject... I truly do want a baby with him, but, with him only working 8hrs a week, and being at college; which is costing us £1300 this year, and having some debts due to him being made redundant early last year just after we'd got married, there is no extra cash to be saving for IVF. It then starts to make me feel bad because of us not qualifying for nhs assistance due to me having kids; and in turn just makes me unhappy and I want to eat, and, I've also self harmed in the past; and it's caused me a few times within the past few months to do so again. I am quite an upbeat person, and generally I always think things work out in the end; and don't usually let things get me down; whereas my husband isn't like that; he's far more depressive and, I feel awful for saying this; but he feels sorry for himself a lot of the time; and says 'it's not fair; why me..." etc. I am undertsnading of him feeling that his dream of being a father is being ripped away from him; but I've knowpeople with terminal illnesses who haven't used the 'it's not fair' line as often as him. I just feel that he needs to pull his socks up and start accepting things. Last year he was terrible to live with after he lost his job; he would sit for days and not do anything; he would start telling me how terrible I was if I was upset and angry that he hadn't done anything other than surf the net all day when I'd been at work. He ended up leaving me when I was at work one day; I arrived home to a note saying je'd gone back to his mum and dads. It's not the first time he's behaved like that in his life; he did the same thing when he was with his ex wife and he lost his job, and she ended up leaving him for another man. I love him dearly though; but, I constantly feel this negative energy around him and sometimes think me n the kids would be better off on our own as there have been days when me n the kids have had a lovely day and then we either get back home, or DH arrives home and the atmosphere changes simply because Andy is so moody. I hate feeling this way; but, that's one of the biggest things that makes me eat; as he seems to cheer up if he eats crappy food; so I just seem to go along with it, and then I feel bad because I've eaten it so I comfort myself with eating!! I just wish he would cheer up a bit. I've tried getting him to go to the doctors, as I have said a few times I think she sufferes with depression, but he says he'll think about it and then doesn't go... then he'll make the effort to seem 'happier' for a few days and then he's back to his old ways again...
The thing is; the only thing that would drag him out of this moodis if I got pregnant; but, that isn't going to happen, or the chances are slim to none; and there is nothing I can do about that; but the thought of living with someone so depressed is just making me want out...
sorry to rant on about something quite un-diet related; but I had to get it off my chest!!!


plodding away
Well done on sticking to points. Hope the situation with hubbie improves soon. It is very hard living with someone who is depressed so good on you for sticking with whats important to you
well; I'm back. life got on top of me, only adding to the weight I was guarenteed to put on when I went to Butlins for a girly weekend...and I am now waiting to get some new batteries later for the wii fit so I can get weighed and see the damage - but I know it's going to be bad! I've been full of flu; and just generally exhausted, and food has been my comfort, esp. as my TOTM has been going haywire and I've now had two in 4 weeks... so, from how I feel, I think I'm weighing in around 11st 7; which makes me angry at myself'; but until I get the batteries I can't assess the true damage; so I am being a good girl today; wiping the slate clean and starting again! If I am 11st 7 I am aiming for 11st for xmas, and I've asked the hubby for some personal trainer sessions for xmas; so I am going to start those in January too... so I know I can do this! I'm joining back at the gym at half term later this month. I was going to go bk to WW class; but do know that when I am in the right frame of mind I can stick to it on my own, and if I'm not then even class can't get me to stick to it, so it seems pointless... so, the gym it is! I'm going to aim for three sessions a week; which should be manageable around hubby/kids/work etc, and, seeing as I lead a rather sedentary lifestyle now I think the exercise will give my weight loss a good helping hand! Then, come January my personal trainer will help whip me in to shape! Feels good to be back though xx

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