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Hipp's weekly weigh in!

Weighed in this morning with a 1lb loss; taking me from 11st 9 to 11st 8...didn't think I had lost even a lb this week, so happy with that!!
well done:D

1lb a week is how I want to do, slow and steady, and finally get to goal for a change haha
yep; I think it's the best way! I used to go for a big loss, and if I didn't get it I would just say the diet hadn't worked and go back to eating how I had previously, ie. rubbish! Now I am thinking a lb a week is much more attainable!! :D
Have lost 3lb this week; weighing in at 11st 5... am well happy with that!

Not really sure how I have lost 3lb - but I think maybe it might have something to do with the rather drunken night on Saturday which resulted in me being no so lady like with my head over the toilet for a couple of hours lol... hope I get a lb next week!
That time of the month is due, and normally I stay the same or put on, but fingers crossed!! x
you'll be fine! i'm feeling rubbish this week, so wanting to eat everything in sight - am trying not too - but it'll be touch and go as to whether i can stay strong lol
Well; I've had a gain this week, but I don't think it's a 'true' one. I've binned getting weighed on my scales and opted for using the wii fit to get weighed, as my scales keep changing its mind! I can get on and weigh something, get off and straight back on and weigh something else!

So, it's a 2lb gain, but, I guess it's just a more accurate weigh. I still weigh less on my normal scales though, so I actually think I have 'stayed the same' this week, with it being TOTM ... but it's the wii fit that now counts... so I am 11lb 7... the great thing is when I got on it, I was 7lb lighter than when I'd last played it a few months ago!!
couldn't resist a quick pop on the wii this morning to get weighed, and I'd lost a lb, weighing me in at 11st 6 - hope it stays off until my official weigh in day on Monday! lol :D
well; this week i STS, so am 11st 7 - am floating around 11st6-7 now, and it doesn't seem to be coming off any more... so, I am going to try the 'Wendy plan' from Wednesday. I want my highest point day to be a Saturday, so i can have some treats when i watch a dvd or go out... am hoping it sorts me out and gets my weight moving again... I'm on 20 points, so that's 140 for the week, so on my Super High Day it will get me about 29 points... what will i do with them all lol :D
well I weighed in this morning, 11st 7 - and the wendy plan has begun...
got this from the 'ladyluck' site - so, today I start with 21 points...
Day 1 = 21
Day 2 = 18
Day 3 = 30 SHD
Day 4 = 16 SLD
Day 5 = 20
Day 6 = 18
Day 7 = 16 WI

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