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Hit a sodding brick wall!!!


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Oh SW has out of the window this week and weekend :mad::mad::mad:

Have not been motivated at all!!!!!!

Went to the gym once on Thursday, ate loads during the week, loads of sweets, cake and crisps on the friday.

Half a chicken chow main on friday night.

A mass bowl of scouse and sandwiches for saturday lunch, with trifull and birthday cake,
Then half a large Domino's pizza and wedges follwed with ice cream (2 scoops :p)
Then on saunday i had toast with bacon, for lunch i shared tapas and chocolate fondu then a bowl of chips for tea.

And for lunch today, chineese chicken (mayo dripping) in a ciabata bread (was as big as a brick!!!)

And now i could cry, i know i've a gain due prob about 4lbs - :break_diet::break_diet: Feel like completly giving up, i've lost all sodding motivation :cry::cry:
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Hun....big hugs to you. Ok...so you slipped, you've come on here and you have put your hands up to it.
Get on the scales, face up to it all. but then treat the week after weigh in as your first ever week. Just think of your wedding...isnt that motivation enough???


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If you put on weight you will know why. You also know that if you stick to the plan you will lose the weight again.
Concentrate on getting back on track, take it one meal at a time and pat yourself on the back when you do it right even for half a day.
You can't change what you did yesterday or last week but you can stop it from spoiling everything you've already achieved.
Take a deep breath and fight the urge to eat off plan, you'll be glad that you did. Good luck xx


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Look at your little smiley running up and down and remember what that felt like. Now look at your 'smilies' in this last post. You can get back into and that little smiley will be running up and down again in no time.


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Hey miss sorry to hear you have had a bad week. But first things first chill take a deep breath and look at how far you have come you have done so well a few days off plan wont be too bad!! I remember when you have had bad weeks in the past and the results at weigh in have never been that bad!

Go to your Wi tomorrow night and if you do have a gain you wil know exactly why and you know how to fix it! Stay to image therapy and talk to your consultant if you need help! But whatever you do, DO NOT give up! You have come to far now!

Let us know how you get on
(((hugs))) xx


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I had a week much about the same as yours last week, started on tuesday with my birthday where i went out for a meal then had cake. Then there was a trip to cinema and pizza hut, takeaways at weekend, and mcdonalds breakfasts, to name but a few!!!
Anyway weighed myself this morning and only gained a pound and a half so not bad considering. So you may not have gained as much as you think, i was expecting much worse!!
Good luck with a fresh start this week, i am going to be 100% this week i hope!!
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I sometimes think the occasional blow out boosts the metabolism!! As long as you get straight back on track. Go girl, you ahve the power!!



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Thanks for the support guys, WI tonight, i'm not giving up :D
Here is to being back on track!!!!


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My weeks been the same for some reason (my opst was "falling off the wagon..in a big way) i wonder why this week has been bad for quite a few people? I'm weighing in tomorrow and plan to make a mammouth effort and go back to basics red/green days next week.
Ok guys, i put on 1.5lbs!!!!
Not as bad as i thought!!!
Got all my meals planned for the week, going to hopfully get to the gym twice this week and finger crossed i will get this 1.5lb back off :D


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That's hardly any damage at all! You'll see that off next week no bother!

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