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Hitting the scales

Does anyone ever weigh themselves earlier in the week than their usual W.I for a peek at whether you have lost anything so far? I did this week three days earlier and weighed the same so I was a bit disappointed. But then on my W.I day I had lost two pounds! Serves me right for being impatient I suppose! :D I don't think I'll do that again as it put me on a bit of a downer even though I have STS which could be worse!
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i dont weigh mid-week, i just look at what ive lost up to now, and that keeps me going x


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I have to admit I have a peek everyday! and use my wii fit too!
I find that if it shows a gain,I get more determined and stick to the plan 100%.I do know I have a 4 week weight loss cycle and some weeks no matter what I can't loose and another week I can eat for england and loose 2lb+ easily!

My friend who is also doing the plan when she "gets the time"has mentioned that I let SW take over my life and it becomes the be all and end all and I get a weight problem but I honestly believe that not to be the case. I don't starve myself, I follow the plan but still enjoy myself and the mid-week weigh ins just keep me on track,I don't beat myself up about it either way! I think because when I'm on SW and go to class I loose fast, whereas she isn't and there lies the problem!


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i weigh nearly everytime i go in the bathroom, even if its in the middle of the night to pee! if it looks like its gone up then it spurs me on to do some more exercise, i dont find it has a negative impact on me.
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It depends if the hubby has left the scales out after hes been on them. If hes put them away it doesnt even cross my mind but if theyre already on the floor i cant resist.
You know I've never thought of it like that. I must admit I do find it hard to resist a sneaky peak, and I should think like that if it looks like I'm not going to lose and treat it as a positive to spur me on for the rest of the week! :)


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I can't bare to look.. I'm doing SW from home so am having to weigh myself every friday anyway but hate going on the scales!! I couldn't bare to look unless I have to... Those things are against me (along with every shop window I come across lol) xx


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I weigh myself every day, first thing in the morning, with no clothes on, after my first wee. However, I have learnt that my home scales can be all over the place and sometimes after brushing my teeth I can have gained or lost two pounds. Although, I do get excited if I see a new lowest weight. That usually means that I have actually lost a bit.
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I don't have scales at home but my mum has some so everytime i go there i weigh myself. It helps me keep motivated. I love it if it shows i've lost but if i don't feel i've done well enough it spurs me on to work a bit harder at it! :)


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I tend to have a sneaky peak on weigh day just so I can brace myself (my scales don't weigh the same but it gives me an idea).
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i weigh every day, but i'm not sure it helps. i tend to find i'm really happy for the first three days after w.i, but then it seems to go downhill as things slow down later in the week. i'd love to be able to walk past them but they're right next to the loo!


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I am exactly the same....Mine are in the loo, and they are used all the time...I know I shouldn't I just can't help it! I get a bit down at the end of the week if the weight is slowing down a bit.....But I am not as bad as I used to be..I have to conciously make an effort not to go near them! haha


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I weigh myself all the time, haven't even thought of not doing it LOL

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