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Hiya I am new and also a few questions about s&s

Discussion in 'Slim And Save' started by gunpowd3r, 6 October 2011 Social URL.

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  1. gunpowd3r

    gunpowd3r Full Member

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    Slim and Save
    Hiya Everyone

    I have been reading loads of threads on Minimins for ages to see the best diet for my partner then for me.

    I have decided the only way to help him slim down is a VLCD diet.

    He has a lot of weight to lose and we have tried SW, normal cutting out of rubbish/low carb/healthy smaller meals , exercise,gym etc but he doesn't have the willpower as it is too slow a result, hence deciding with a VLCD he will see results quicker which will hopefully give him the boost to keep going....

    Anyway what should i put him on the 4 or 5 a day.

    He doesn't have a huge appetite but he snacks and doesn't like to feel hungry(this makes him go for fatty foods).We also like meals out which i think will be hard for him and his work mates are an unhealthy bunch, so i reackon chip cobs and the like will test his willpower.

    Also we go on holiday soon and it's an all inclusive so i am guessing we just ignore that as we will put weight on lol.
    I wanted him to start when we got back,nov-dec, but i would have to stop him over christmas as we have so many do's etc it would be impossible to stick to.

    So should i put him on it for a month then restart in jan or just wait and start him in jan?

    Also what sort of weight min can he expect to lose a week, he has a sedentry job and lifestyle.

    I am hoping this is the way forward for him.

    Thank you in advance for your answers, i have already seen you are a very friendly and helpful group.:)
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  3. Punkmilitia

    Punkmilitia Banned

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    Slim & Save.

    If he's over 40 BMI then i'd say 5 a day if he can cope with that many, I'm on 4 a day but sometime's feel like it's too much and am too full up from them.

    He would lose between 3 and 10 pounds a week I should imagine and the first week would be over 8 pounds, I have lost 10 pounds and haven't even had my first WI yet.

    I must advise you not to do it for just one month though; this is something you have to do for a few at least, if you do it for just a month then go to a do, you will literally put it all back on and more.

    Good luck and don't be too tempted by peers.
  4. BordersGirl

    BordersGirl Feeling great in 2012!

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    Slim & Save
    Wise words from Punkmilitia. The main thing about this diet is that the want to do it has to come from you, and you alone (or in your case your partner). A VLCD does have great results if you stick to it but many people can't stick to it and it's an all or nothing diet so it's not something that someone else can decide you should do; you have to be prepared to change your eating entirely whilst on the diet. I don't advise having a break after just 4 weeks as it can be quite a difficult diet to restart once you've had a break as getting into ketosis is quite hard so you wouldn't want to go through that bit too often. I did have a planned break after 6 weeks for a week and managed to get on but hope to have a clear run through to Xmas from now on and then start again in the new year. Punkmilitia is right, if you have a break after only 4 weeks the chances are you could undo all of the good work in a couple of weeks which will be demotivating.

    So I suppose that what I'm saying is that only your partner will be able to decide whether he can abstain whilst watching his mates eat chips and make the sacrifices needed to stick to a VLCD. And I would suggest that he should plan on sticking to it 100% for at least 8 weeks at a stretch. If he can't then a TFR diet is probably not for him.
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