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hiyaaa anyone started on or around 16th Feb?

i started yesterday :)
good luck to you cant wait to get week one over and see the weight loss i know that will give me the determination to carry on, iv tried CD a few times but really struggle i always seem to pick at food i have got through day 1 though so i guess thats an achievment lol


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Just keep at it!! If i can manage this, trust me ANYONE can..i used to eat everything in sight, but im taking it one day at a time and the more time thats going on the more determined i am not to give into my food cravings..ive figured out its jst my mind playing tricks my body is much stronger! Good Luck, hopefully this is the last time for u, You can do it!!
thanks :D:D
so far im not feeling to bad get the odd dizzy spell but just keep topping up with water ;)
i know how good these vlcd are i did lipotrim nearly 4 years ago and lost 5 stone i have put on 1 1/2 stone since i stopped which isnt to tragic just wanna get it off befoer anymore goes on

how are you finding it?


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Much better now...the first day was the worst! had a headache full works...but now i feel so full of energy its unbelievable! i used to have killer joint pains and they have vanished too...so im feeling much better these days..drinking the water was a struggle for the 1st 2 days as everytime i had a glass it went straight through me!! but now the visits to the toilet have also gone down even though im drinking lots more water..so things have been getting better, I hope they stay this way! xx

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