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Hmmm...A Personal Question


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
I'd really like to know if I'm the only one or if others are going through the same but ever since I started this diet, once I got over the exhaustion stage, I noticed a somewhat big difference in my libido.
I seem to be more aware of the fact that I want it a lot more than I used to. Is this because my confidence is soaring due to the amount of weight I've lost or am I just odd?
Hmmm...just wondered.
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haha abs!

I cant really comment as i've a high 'drive' but i would imagine chick its to do with your confidence!!!!! :D You are on a high as how much youve lost and you are now feeling good about yourself! :)
lmao yea lol my partner thinks he as died and gone to heaven its such a booster for the confidence this diet you start to feel sexy again isnt it fab lol
Ha ha I hope that happens to me coz at the moment I just collapse into bed snorrrrrrrrreeeee lol
Mine has gone the oppisite. Way down. BOO!!! I also lost my monthly and my doc says that it is hormonal and connected to the libido. It is only temporary though.....I would say it has to do with your confidence. But hey, take it as it comes.. Hehe he


I will be skinny again!!!
Lol yup I was the same!!

Although watch out girles cus LT makes us more fertile :p
Def the same. Poor fella got shouted out in the first couple of weeks and now cant get enough of him. I think he thinks I,ve gone mad.

I know its the confidence though. I feel great. Woo hoo
i never have any .oh well. maybe I have it to look forward too

sparkle 63

sparkling:)and hopeful :)
love this thread...but yes my man thinks me and LT suit each other hes having a grand ole time!! heee heee!
Lol yup I was the same!!

Although watch out girles cus LT makes us more fertile :p

gosh chel dont say that flick of a toothbrush and im pregnant really dont want no more charlie nearly killed me honestly emergency c section lost over 1ltr of blood it as totally put me off wanting anymore kids mind you i think 3 is enough lol:p


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Yep another one here...i'm exactly the same! Always had a high sex drive but through the roof now..beginning to think i have a problem lol.

I've been told by a colleague who is a Professor in anatomy that ketosis generally supresses the sex drive for those that can't help but be in that state at times, like diabetics for example. However, a diet that is rich in proteins and limited in carbohydrates and moderate in essential fats will increase libido!

Which is pretty much LT isn't it! The shakes contain everything essential for us to be healthy! Which is also why the atkins diet works on the same principle! So it really is as simple as a healthy diet equals a healthy sex life!

But of random information there lol :D xx


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I haven't had this yet either haha :p I had to look up what libido meant I had no idea LOL, I'm only young shh :p
Blimey this thread is interesting as I have been the total opposite - normally high drive that has come to a standstill :( although yes I feel so much better about my body! I think its been a lot to do with ZZZ's as soon as I fall into bed!!! lol xxx
Well put it this way the baby has been moved into his own room today ha ha I am on day 7!! better not be anymore babies
Better not show my dh this thread as he'll think I'm not doing the diet properly.
Babies, PND and me equal no bedroom action!
Oh my god I am exactly the same! After having my daughter I thought I could quite happily never have sex again but ......the last week or so I cant get enough of it! Hope this feeling continues when I come off the diet!
I hope this happens to me because my libido has been long gone for years now. It's hard because DH's is through the roof, he'd happily go several times a day if I'd let him :p
I'd love to be able to match his and keep him happy, so here's hoping it comes back with a vengence.
Oh i want my drive back! all i want to is sleep! hubby thinks its great he's having a holiday! not for long i hope!!

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