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hmmm confused but not going to give up.


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Ok so i'm REALLY REALLY confused. Well been taking xenical for 2 1/2 full weeks as 1 week couldn't take coz of tummy bug and in that time have lost 10lbs which is absolutely fab. Right now this is where it gets a bit odd. Continue to be having less than 15gms of fat per meal and yet over the past 3days since i've been at work (i do 3 on 3 off 12hr shifts) i've apparently gained 6lbs. How is this even remotely possible???

I do have PCOS which is newly diagnosed and i know this can cause problems with weightloss but surely this is just wrong. The only and i mean only possible reason or cause for what i hope is "temporary" gain could possibly be that i have a very swollen neck, an old whiplash injury where i had a "buffalo hump" (medics term not mine) has re-emerged and causing me great pain but surely that couldn't hold 6lbs of fluid, i don't feel THAT swollen. It isn't TOTM (that was last week) and i've stuck to the healthy eating, no treats regime so i'm just completely flummoxed and to make it worse i've got my appt with gynae who prescribed xenical in 3 weeks time and won't have met the weight loss i should have achieved arghhhh can anyone shed any light or am i just an anomaly?
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I will do this...
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I've had another thought, so that you can show gynae what you are eating - create a food diary and take it to them when its your appointment.

I weigh myself every day, same time every morning, as soon as I get up, after I've been to the loo. In the buff.

The point of that TMI part of this story is that if you aren't doing that, that might be why you are weighing differently. If I weigh myself at night after work or at night I always, always weigh heavier. I drink A LOT of water and this weighs (Kae gave me that info lol :) Cheers Kae if you are reading this!LOL)...

Also, I only count my Monday WI because I rarely stay the same weight as the Monday during the week after my official WI... it fluctuates during the week. I seem to loose more on a Sat and Sun... weird huh! And then by the next Monday... thats my official WI. I feel like I'm rambling again, do you get what I'm trying to say? I hope so!LOL

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in all honesty you lost 10lbs because you were ill, so im thinking the runs, sickness......

now you are feeling better your going to come back up to a healthy weight, not an 'im sick' weight, i'd forget the last weeks weight loss and start a fresh. bet you lose next weigh in.


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C: 25st0lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 53.2
Thanks JenJen and Missy it was the week after the bowel infection that i'd got to a 10lb loss, hasn't all been in one week lol, was only on them for 4 days when i had to stop.

Interestingly though the swelling and pain has now gone down on my neck and i'm back to the same weight i was last week.

RE weighing i generally weigh myself at same time, usually in the morning before I go to work and when I did the CD i learnt then about the water levels....surprisingly makes a huge difference. But i'm gonna try and chill out a bit, main worry is that they won't work and then i don't know what else would help me lose the weight but today a colleague commented about me looking like i've lost weight so that's made my day :)

hugs xx

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