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Hmmmm Week 5 weigh in


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Hmm I had my fifth weigh in today. Sigh I've only lost 2lb. :cry:

I can only shake my head and say I don't think I drank enough water. I really struggled last week particularly earlier in the week.

Bah humbug.

That's only 29 and a half pounds over all.... snigger :D:D:D

Lots of water this week

Cheers slirp
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Hi lorra, you've had such fantastic losses so far so dont beat yourself up, 2lb is still a loss and 29lb in 5 weeks is amazing!! I'm sure it's just your body fighting back & trying to hang onto those pounds, you may even find you have a really big loss next week. So well done & keep slurpin! x


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29lbs in 5 weeks is totally awesome!
Don't feel down, you've done amazing and 2lbs in a week is still a great loss.
I've noticed a lot from people's signature that some have a lower loss one week, then the next week a much bigger one, hang on in there. There is no way you would ever achieve a 29lb loss on WW or SW in just 5 weeks!
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Hi Lorra,
congrats on your weight loss this week. 29lb is nothing to be sneezed at is it. I was rather silly last week and upset by 3lb weight loss and then this week there was 5 and a half so it all evens out in the end, doesn't it. Just looking at your ideas for goal 5, my next goal is 16 stone, as my 2nd one was 18 stone what if you put a weight target on it, say 17 stone as your last target was 19 stone. You have done very well so far, so keep up the good work this week.


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2lb is absolutely fine! Imagine losing 2lb every week on another diet and you'd probably be pretty pleased!

As Doirin says, you could have a 'big' loss next week - and anyway, it all adds up and is all a step in the right direction. LT can be quite random I always think - just keep up with your water intake, keep having all 3 shakes every day and you WILL get there, it's impossible not to :)

go for it!


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Hiya, I too lost 2lbs last week and thought it was because I hadn't drank enough water over the weekend. I find the weekends hard because I love the outdoors and when I'm out and about I do forget to keep sipping the auld H2O. So this week I've made a point of drinking my quota, WI tomorrow do fingers crossed it goes ok. But LT does through out some funny figures. Keep sipping the water and have a good week. Congrats on 29 lbs in 5 weeks - Wow!


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Thanks all. :) Dorin You've cheered me up. Well done for this weeks weight loss yourself.

I think 17st is a nice figure to aim for. It's a stone and a half away so will take a few weeks to get there. It will be a total of over 3 and a half stone lost. (yay) and I'm hoping I get there before my big holiday in September. I'm going away next week too, and I'd planned to eat an evening meal all next week... Something lo carb to keep me in ketosis. I'll see
Hey those are some great losses overall

well done main thing is you lost well done


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Hi LorraTB

2lb is a good loss! You are doing incredibly well. I think we expect such huge losses each week that in some ways our mind is set at around 4-5 for us to be completely happy! But, in the bigger scheme of things it doesnt always work out like that.

I remember someone saying on here, that your weight may only record 2lb on that particular day, but the next day, you could drop 1-2lbs! You just can never tell...we are so limited by time I suppose.

Your overall weight is so good and you will be at your goal in no time at all with all your determination. You have lost over 2 stone....gosh, no other diet like WW, etc would you get near this in such a short space of time!

well done you..you are doing really well...and look forward to your WI next week.

Take care
well done on your weight loss you have done so well. Its very easy to get impatient on this diet and want to gallop to the finish and I also think that the hot weather is making it hard to keep up with water intake as you need so much more just to keep even. good luck for next week I am sure you will get a nice surprise xx


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Well done chick!!

The overall amount is brilliant!!! Keep it up xxxxx

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