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hmmmmm food

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This is sooooo hard, my children r sitting down to their friday night treat, burger & chips!!!!! its smells sooo good and im staving. Ive drunk loads of water today but have been hungry all day. I really want a large glass of wine and a chinese, i will not cave, i will not cave, i will not cave.
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be strong!!! my oh has just had chips from the chippy and even though they smelled lovely i just thought when im slim i can enjoy something like that (rarely as a treat) th stronger i am on this diet the quicker it will be!! xx


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Just think what do you want more; to be slim or to have that chinese and wine?

No brainer!!!

Food and wine will always be there for you once you have finished LT - just have it in moderation :)


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I thought not eating felt bad until I ate and now I know that I really dont want to eat........ learn by my mistakes dont do it for yourself ..
Im finding it really hard to come back on to LT after my slip up...


Here we go again!
Family had fish and chips tonight, as usual, but it doesn't bother me so much now. When I am off LT I will have them as a treat every so often. I found it really hard at first but now it's nothing. Being slimmer is so much more important to me than eating fish and chips. They will all be there when we have finished, that has kept me going through this up to now.


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yeh ive just sat n watched me family have a chinese smelled reely good ha ha
but i gess it can all wait


Slowly but surely!
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Its the hardest part of my day everyday lol But I know it wont be long till i can eat with them again :) x


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ther all eatin choclate now :(


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My lot had fish and chips for tea too! smelled sooo good but I sat there with my strawberry shake like a little goody 2 shoes.
I know I won't cheat because this I know this is my last chance to do this properly. If I fail this time I will be fat 4ever :(
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Blimey,yes being a chef must be very hard, arent u meant to try the food etc. I find i have to stop myself testing my childrens food isnt too hot etc cos u normally do it without thinking.
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i have to get my other chefs to try any thing now ive done head chef so dont have to do as much now keep an eye on them all thats all lol but thinking of new stuff to put on speical boards makes my mouth water which can be a pain lol

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