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hmmmmmm EE v Red


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I am just at the end of my first week, and i weigh in tomorrow but i dont think its going to be a very good weigh in......im not sure why tho as i have followed EE 10000000%!!

Im thinking about going to red days as i think maybe EE gives me that little too much freedom ( i am a carb freak) and think Red might help me to control this.

I am also going to have a fishy week after reading all the posts on here.

Any more words of wisdom you could offer me ?

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I'm doing EE all the way and absolutely love it, although I can see where you're coming from if you're a carb freak, so maybe do Red for a week and see where it takes you :) I did SW years ago and thought EE was strange at first, but virtually after one or two days I was hooked!!


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I do like EE, im just thinking i need to get my portion sizes under control...........plus quite like the idea of 2 HEXB!!!:D


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or maybe i could just do EE but 'portion' my carbs as if it were a HEXB.... hmmmmmmm so many choices!!!!!

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Makes perfect sense - enjoy those extra HEXBs!!!

ETA crossed posts! I'd go with the red for a week or two, or maybe alternate an EE day with a Red day, so you have 'some' control on your carbs :)


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My advice would be to wait and see what the scales say before making any decisions. Lots of people don't think they'll have lost and get a surprise.

If you like carbs then there is no reason why you shouldn't do EE or green. Just watch your portion sizes of the carbs and make veg the bulk of your meal rather than carbs. Don't forget there are a lot more free foods available but people tend to stick to the same old pasta option. Try experimenting with some of the other and if you do have pasta then have wholegrain rather than white.


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Hi circes, i only have brown pasta, i dont like the white stuff. i think your right i am gonna weight to see what the scales say however i know my portion sizes are a bit big.....maybe i will just do Red/EE LP - didnt think about that great idea and it means i get the best of both worlds!!!

Thanks for your advice, apprieciated as always.

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