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Holiday ideas - where to go?


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Okay guys, I need your help on this one so get your thinking caps on!

I want to get away for a holiday this year as it is some time since I was last away. I will be travelling on my own and am stuck for ideas of where to go.

A bit of background to help:

  • Just want somewhere quiet where I can relax, visit a few touristy places if i want to eg historical, museums, art galleries etc.
  • I am not looking to hook up with someone so no organised singles holidays
  • Not into lying on beaches and don't want anywhere hot
  • I don't drive so there needs to be good public transport
  • Could be UK or foreign destination
  • I'm not interested in activity breaks or volunteer breaks where you do hard graft
  • The fewer children the better
  • Not horrendously expensive either.
So not asking for much! Any suggestions?
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I have always wanted to visit Germany. Lots of interesting places/museums.

How about a coach trip?


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I went on a long weekend to Antwerp last year - very nice. Castle, cathedral, interesting architecture in the old town, Reubens House to see. Reasonably cheap, excellent public transport (we went by Eurostar and used the tram system in the city) and very friendly locals. Not sure how much there would be to do there for a longer break, but if you get the Eurostar to Brussells, onward travel anywhere in Belgium by local train is free, so you could do Brussells, Antwerp and Bruges...

Devon Dolce

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Oooo fab! We went to Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast last year! It was absolutely amzing, breathtaking and you could do as much or as little as you wanted! We used public transport for the 2 weeks we were there, starting and ending in Sorrento and staying in Positano, Amalfi and Capri in between, we also did day trips (by ourselves using public tranpsort to Pompeii and climbed Mt. Vesuvius). We booked our flights and accommodation ourselves - you can fly to Naples with the budget airlines and then jump on a bus to Sorrento. We booked all our accommodation through Booking.com and the beauty of this was that we could change our plans accordingly, providing you cancel the hotel in the timeslot before they charge, some 24hrs, some 48hrs etc. You can eat as you like on any budget, much of the time we got food from local delis and just went and found a lovely spot to eat. We based spending on one to one (£ - euro), we certainly didn't scrimp (it was my 30th birthday treat) but we def know it can be done an a budget! I absolutely adore everything about Italy and would move there in a heartbeart (I'm learning the lingo) - the Italians are so friendly, the food amazing, the scenery breathtaking, ohhh I could go on... Should also say you can do Rome on a daytrip (we didn't as wanted to spend longer there) but lots of things to see and do!

Let us know where you decide to go x

Devon Dolce

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^^^ should also add... we went at the end of September for 2 weeks - the weather was lovely and warm, but not hot - I melt in the heat! And because it was in school term (we don't holiday during school holidays) no rugrats around! xx
Bruges is lovely - and compact so you can walk everywhere!

Barelona highly recommended too - plenty to see and regular buses from the airport to the main square.

In the UK how about the Lake District or the Scilly Isles? Or even one of the Channel Islands?
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is cruising an option? Lots of last minute offers, all the time, in papers etc.
Been on 4 and absolutely fantastic, unfortunately Ocean Village has now departed for ever to Australia:cry:
Does not have to be expensive!
Some wonderful places I can suggest are Venice ( the lido is cheaper) buses/boats to islands.
Florence, we are going again in May for 3 nights.
Dubrovnik was a beautiful place, so much history, beauty, would go there for a holiday or that area in the future.
Lake Garda, just stunning, transport easy, cheap flights!
Gosh I could go on for ever.
Only discovered real holidays once kids flew the nest though, many years of camping before I discovered the world!!!;)
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Hi Circes !!!

What about , for U.K. destinations.....The Cotswold's. So beautiful and so many lovely historic villages and towns.

Barcelona is an all time favourite of mine, not surprising really as it is only 4 hours down the road and there are quiet places to stay out of the city. A place I would recommend is Montserrat. It is fabulous, quiet, beautiful, loads to see and within easy travelling reach of Barcelona Barcelona Montserrat España

For a hotel there look at The Hotel Abat Cisneros www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Hotel_Review-g1

Closer to home Paris always does it for me. I just love the place, the feel of it, everything about it.

There is so much out there, especially in the U.K. The Highlands of Scotland, Wales along Cardigan Bay, Ireland, Northern and Southern. Dublin is another favourite of ours. A true pocket sized city with most things within walking distance.

Hope you find something you really enjoy.
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I was going to suggest a cruise as well. It doesn't have to be anywhere hot and you can do as little or as much as you like. I went on my first cruise 5 years ago and I'm hooked!

Trace xx
I really fancy one of those cruises to see the Northern Lights. Iceland too but that's expensive.


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Ooh, lots of great ideas! Will have to go off and do a bit of research.

Isn't the amalfi coast where they filmed Captain Corelli's Mandolin?

I had thought about cruises but suspect I would get hammered on the single occupancy. So frustrating that all the good holiday deals are based on two people!

I haven't been a solo traveller for a while, but spent three weeks in Scandinavia - Stockholm is beautiful! I'm a bit wary about being a lone woman traveller this time round though for some reason :eek:

Will keep you posted on any decisions.

Thanks for all your help! :grouphugg:
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I think that film was filmed in Kefalonia, or maybe elsewhere too!:confused:
I think last minute deals often cheaper on cruises for singles and some companies currently struggling to fill their ships.
The Telegraph was full of bargains yesterday!
Holidays are very personal aren't they, as we all like different things.
I used Trip Advisor cruise forum and we met people on the ship we had chatted to on the forum. Have now made friends with a couple we always cruise with now.
Even if not this time, it's worth knowing about for the future.
We booked our own trips etc with others and saved a fortune on ship prices for day trips.
Good luck in your choice, I love the planning bit!;)
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Captain Corrello's Mandolin was filmed in Kefalonia.

I was also going to suggest Barcelona, you can stay just outside & travel into & around Barcelona at a reasonable cost. When we were there in September we took a trip to Monserrat & it was amazing wonderful views. If you are on facebook you can add me as a friend & see my photo's if you wish.;)

We've just come back from India & met a few single female travellers who said they felt totally safe travelling alone.

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