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Holiday in 2 weeks - Advice please


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I am seeing my CDC for my week 3 weigh in.

I am hoping someone can give me some advice from experience.

Ok, so I leave on the 12th, going to be early morning so I can have a shake before I go and take a bar for the flight (instead of the inflight meal)

I will then have 3 shakes a day as normal and the meal as normal until the 14th, which is my brothers wedding.

I wondered, if I had 3 shakes and didn't have ANY carbs on my plate (I think I can take the chicken skin off which will have the coating on) and salad - I can still enjoy the wedding (I think there may be dish too)

Then for the rest of the holiday we will be in a villa with a private pool and a gym.

If I still did 3 shakes a day and just, again had no carbs could I stay on track?

I don't want to ruin the holiday for everyone else...I want to be able to 'eat' and not feel like I have made anyone else feel uncomfortable by just saying yes (but managing it properly)

I will be swimming EVERY day so I could count all my calories maybe?

Damage limitation..?

Thanks all in advance,

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Hi - I'm a bit confused - from your post you seem to be asking if you can have some chicken and salad at the wedding which (and I think from your posts you're doing SS+) is absolutely fine. Or are you asking if you can carry on doing that through the holiday? I think as long as you keep your protein and veg to the recommended portions and have 3 shakes a day you'll be fine. I did a week long holiday in Greece on Lighter Life and just had my packs the whole time. Far from me ruining other people's holidays, my family's constant need to eat and have me sit with them seriously cut into my beach and swimming time! How does what you eat ruin someone else's holiday?! What if you were full? Diabetic? A strict vegan? I'm a firm believer in being selfish in a nice way whilst you're on Cambridge. Eat because you want to, not because it will make other people feel better. One of my original group on Lighter Life who lost 200lbs went to Gordon Ramsays for a work do and had him make up a LL mushroom soup! (Can you imagine the swearing?!) She said 'If work are paying £150 quid a head for me to be there, it's the least he can do!'


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S: 21st6.5lb C: 21st6.5lb BMI: 53.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I agree with you but I am just wondering if because of the exercise i will be doing which I am not doing at the moment I can have more veg and more protein...does that make sense?


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S: 17st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st6lb(31.67%)
I dunno - I walk 40 miles a week and I exercised hard all the way through 8 stones of SS weight loss 4 years ago so I've never really thought about upping the portions. I had an extra pack once when I walked 16k down a mountain, but that's about it. Thing is - people do SS on varying basal metabolisms - eg in theory at your BMI yours is about 2200 (very roughly) but someone with a BMI of 26 would be about 1700 (again very roughly) but you don't get extra food on SS+ 80 and 1000 for the extra calories you burn. Which sounds harsh, but it means your weightloss stays speedy and keeps you motivated the higher your BMI is.


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S: 21st6.5lb C: 21st6.5lb BMI: 53.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I suppose - I suppose the only thing I can do is take each day as it comes - like I am doing now.

I will be happy to go on holiday and enjoy myself and see how I feel - if I want something though...I will have it (within reason) I won't ruin my ketosis I will just have my quota and if I feel like have a bit more then I will have it.

I am sure there is room for that.

I'm bloomin' suprised I have got to 24 days 100% so it may be when I am there I only want what I am allowed and I will keep strong like I have done.



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Hi Leah

I feel for you - it's a dilemma all right.

First thing to say - even though you'll be doing more exercise, unless you really really go for it, you probably won't burn more than 200-300 calories extra a day, tops. Which when equated into food terms, isn't very much to play with anyway. :)

Second thing - whatever you do, have a plan. Seriously. Don't make it up as you go along, cos that isn't a plan. :D It's quite likely that you'll just end up eating every in sight instead.

So, ahead of getting started on the trip, decide what you're actually going to do. There are several safe-ish options.
  • One - eat low carb. Stick to protein and green vegetables and you can't go far wrong. You'll stay in ketosis and you won't get too hungry. You probably won't need to count calories with this option (within reason)
  • Two - eat 1000-1200 calories a day (of whatever - though obviously it's not a bad idea to incorporate lots of veg and the odd bit of fruit in that). Probably your best bet if you want to consume alcohol.
  • Three - take shakes and maybe have a SS+ meal a day. IMHO, that's probably going to be the hardest choice to stick to, but it can be done if you're truly determined.

Exercise is good no matter which of those you choose and any additional calories burned has to be good news. :)

But settle on a plan - now! - and stick to it.

Where are you going, anyway? :)

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