Holiday on Monday - is there any point?

I am going on holiday from monday for a fortnight. This is an all expenses paid trip with all my family as a treat from Dad and I have made the choice to eat. What I want to know is do you think I should be starting the programme now or should I just wait until as soon as I get back?

I would go and enjoy your holiday guilt free and then start as soon as you get back. If you start now you may spend your holiday beating yourself up for eating so just relax, enjoy it and come back refreshed and motivated
bluemoon xx
That was what I was thinking, plus what is the point of putting myself through it when I will be doing it again in three weeks time! only thing is I am so unhappy with my weight I am dreading the holiday :eek: Catch 22. I just keep telling myself that it is not going to make that much difference now, we are in a private villa and with family (none of whom are what I would call perfect!)

I hate being fat!

I'm with Bluemoon .... go on your hols - have a blast and come home full of enthusiasm for your weight loss challenge! :D

Start now and you'll resent every minute of it whilst you're away. That's my humble opinion anyway.
I agree with everyone else. Go and have a really wonderful holiday and get started on CD as soon as you get back home :)

An all expenses paid trip, now that sounds brilliant - wish I was coming too :D
I know what you are saying is right, if I could though I would cancel the damn holiday and start the diet!! :eek: U will probably all think I am mental but I am dreading the plane, dreading the pool and most of all dreading those silly plastic chairs you end up sitting on in restaraunts.:(

I suppose that I just need to get on with it and through it and relax, then remember when I get back how I am feeling today and that I never want to physically dread another holiday because of my weight :)

Thanks for all your advice, I think I will have lots to ask when I get back

What you need to do is list all those things that upset you on holiday, and use them to fuel your determination when you get back. And each time, tell yourself this is the LAST time this happens to me!