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Holiday Syns

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I've just come back from Fuerteventura & could really of done with some help with regards to food shopping.

For example I wanted to have 2 slices of wholemeal bread but how do I know what is wholemeal in Spanish, (will know when I go back!). But it got me thinking, I'm sure amongst us all we must have a little list in our head of what is a hexa/b, free, or low syns whilst on hols in our favourite place.

Also I didn't have access to SW Online so I brought home an empty yoghurt carton so I could check the syns when home:D (this could be boardline 'taking it too far'). Anyway the yoghurts are by La Vega, come in packs of 4 are 'low fat yogurt with lemon' or orange & free & cost about 89cents.

Anyone else know of any low syn/free food they buy on hols????????

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It really hard to know. I would just stay away from sauces on your dinner, stick to fruit and salads, chicken, steak and veggies. Other then that, you can only judge.. but when you only have 10 syns a day to play with, its hard even to do that. Stick to what you know i'd say and do your best.. I'm going to Grenada in August and know I'll gain, just through drinking cocktails, so i'll keep my meals simple and eat lots of fruit at brekkie and stick to bbq's for lunch and grilled meat and veggies or salads for dinner. Mu cocktails will be my treat ;) x


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ooo where are you staying? Hubby took me to Grenada - Spice Island - absoutley gorgeous - would love to go back there - have a fun time.

But I agreed with you stick to what you know is Free and syn the cocktails!


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