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Holiday Thread

Ok, i thought i'd start a thread to talk about any holidays of trips away that we are planning over the summer months.

I thought we could talk about where, when, any goals we want to acheive before we go and how we are going to cope with LT.

So here goes:
I'm going to Egypt - Sharm El Sheik, first choice holiday village:D:D
We are going o the 17th of July
I want to get to 12 stone before i go, but my losses have been so slow:cry: we'll just have to see:cry:, i would need to do 17lbs in 8 weeks:cry:

LT, well it depends on the weight i an at the beginning of July, if i'm 12.7 then i will refeed for 2 weeks before i go away, if not i will refeed for a week and refeed a week while i'm away........sound extreme, but ive been away before and refed the first week and actually had a loss when i came back.....

PS: tried on some holiday clothes yesterday and sausage came to mind :eek:LOL.... and they where the trousers i was planning on travelling in :sigh:
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..doing it!
Hiya goldengirl :wavey:

You CAN do 17lbs in 8 weeks hun :) you'll be fitting into your holiday clothes in no time :patback: :winner:

At some point this year my mates and i really want to go to Ireland for a long weekend break. Mmmmm i love irish accents :drool: :sign0007:

Not exactly sure when and where though, as finances are pretty pants :cry: I will certainly be asking around on MimiMins for good reccomendations :cool:

I've heard lovely things about Ireland and as its not too far away it should be easy for my friends to arrange time off work/child care.

Ideally, i want to go at the end of the summer while its warm. And i very much want to go there at my target weight of 133lbs/9.5stones. Perhaps the trip will be my reward for getting to target??? :D

Sooo ive got about 40lbs to go.....! *sigh* :innocent0001:


Lei xxx


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Yeah i think you can do 17lbs in 8 weeks - thats what just over 2lbs a week so if you lose 3 a week you should hve time for your refeed. Important to do atleast a week before you go though :)

I have a few holidays booked this year! lol My first is on the 2nd of july and i want to be 13st before i go and im off to Salou in costa dorada and can't freaking wait! I havnt been abroad for almost 6 years so i am VERY excited! lol I have some skirts from a few years ago that are size 14 and 12 and i would love to be in them - so i've about another 20lbs to lose :)

My 2nd is to blackpool on the 8th of august for 2 nights and my 3rd is with my best friend to Lara Beach, Turkey on the 23rd August and by then i want to be 12st - so i think it's achievable :D
only got one night away in the summer to see acdc at hampden park, hopng to have lost aorund 2 st 7 by then, main holiday is in october 6 night in las vegas, first holiday abroad so can't wait, also going to see u2 while we're there, hoping to have reached target or be very close to it by then


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2st 7 by october - easy honey! :D
I'm jealous of you going to las vegas!!
the 2 st 7 is by end of june, hopping to have lost nearer 6 stone if poss by oct, would hate going on hol and not feeling comfortable.
3 holidays in a year? how fine.
ur weightlose is amazing hope i can do as well


Here we go again!
I'm off to rhodes in just over 6 weeks and hope to be about 7 stones down by then. Its for 2 weeks self catering and I'm dying to get there. It will be my fourth time at the same place cos I love it so much. Can't believe I will be wearing size 14s whilst there. It will be great to fit in the plane seat so much more confortably than before. Always feared I would be too big for the seats but not this time. I can also eat my meal without the table resting on my belly (!). I feel this will be a huge achievement and I wont feel as though everybody is watching me whilst I eat the meal too!

Hope everyone that's going away has a lovely time. It's such motivation to keep going on this.


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3 holidays in a year? how fine.
haha yep 3! I thought i've finished uni, my last summer thats probably guna be 'studenty' so thought what the heck!! :giggle:
hi all me and hubby (bigtosmall) are going to spain on the 6th june for 1 wk, then we have booked to go to the holiday village in egypt the same as goldengirl on christmas day for 2 weeks. really looking forward to them both


Full Member
Just reading these posts is making me very excited! Off to Zante on 19th July and just knowing I'm going to feel more comfortable in my clothes is keepin me focussed.

Every time I'm tempted I just think how I felt on my last holiday-could hardly breath when laying on sunbed as almost suffocated by my own boobs!!! Tried hard, but failed to hide my middle with a book!!

So this year is going to be different. I won't be at target but I'll be a damn sight closer.

Then in September, off to Madrid to see Green Day with me mate and hope to be partaking in a little tapas and sangria whilst wearing a natty little outfit!!

You gotta have a dream to keep you going.


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I think that 17lbs is do-able too!

We're going to Ribby Hall near Preston on 15th June - just Monday - Friday to take my 83 yr old mother for a break. DD is coming too.

We're having our usual 2 weeks in Katelios in Kefalonia ***big sigh**!!!! in September.

We've got a weekend in a caravan in Wales in October - another break for Mum and DD.

Then in November we're going to San Francisco and Las Vegas for 9 nights in total. Purely because my son is a travel agent and came up with an offer we couldn't refuse :eek:

I'm really looking forward to fitting into a plane seat without splaying out either over or under the armrests (or both!) and being able to lower the table without it stopping on my stomach. (You and me both Bev! :)) Not feeling soooo cramped I can't move a muscle or embarrassed about knocking people as I move through the cabin.

I'm looking forward to being hot and sweaty like everyone else and NOT feeling I stick out like a sore thumb as bigger, hotter and sweatier that anyone else with a face like a farmer's bottom - not that I've ever SEEN a farmer's bottom you understand. LOL!

I'm looking forward to just generally being more comfortable and a LOT less self-conscious!

Great thread! :) x


Here we go again!
LOL! Your posts really do make me laugh Jan!

I also can't wait to walk up the aisle of the plane without feeling I am hitting everybody on the way! I'm sure they were thinking "look out fat woman coming through".
Jan i'm so jealous, going to san fransico is my ideal holiday but had to settle for just vegas this year as bf wants a snowboarding holiday in march next and wasn't willing to pay for san fransico too :sigh:, not that i can complain cos vegas i'm sure will be just as good, where u staying while there?


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We're staying at the Imperial Palace. The original offer was for The Stratasphere but that is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down one end of the Strip and would have meant a lot of travelling backwards and forwards. So we paid a tiny bit more for the I.P. hotel we went to last time which is right opposite Caesar's Palace and well placed for everywhere else. Where are you staying?
We're looking forward to SF too - not been there before!! :) xx
we're staying st the golden nugget which is down freemount (can't spell lol) had planned to stay on the strip but couldn't find a hotel we both liked, apart from the luxor but after reading reviews and finding everyone saying its really smoky even the no smoking rooms we decided against it as bf has asthma. plu the nugget has a shark pool which looks really cool and hopefully by then i'll feel comfortable in a swimming costume :D


maintaining since June'09
Yeah we went to Freemont (dunno sp either lol) In fact I THINK we went in the Golden Nugget for a buffet lunch ... recommended and very reasonable. It's great down there. Didn't see a shark pool though - must look out for that this time!

You'll love it! xx
I am going to Mexico in July (hopefully) and I cant wait. Sorted out my clothes and I have everything already! Still cant fit into a few coast dresses as they are so much smaller than any other clothes I have in a 14, but I am sure that by 5 more weeks and one stone less I can get them on.

I cant wait!


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Two weeks today I (and hubby) will have just arrived in Turkey, can't wait.

September we are off to the Med again, but haven't decided where yet.

August we have a week off, but as we live in Cornwall might stay here if the weather is nice, or just travel across to Ireland for a drive/stay week x

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