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So as you all know im going on holiday on Saturday and i had planned to take my exante products with me. After thinkin about it i decided not to. I only go away once a year and i have plenty time when i come back to get back on track so im going to go, and enjoy myself....

Hope im not letting my pink ladies down too much....but i have looked forward t this holiday so much and i dont want to be too restricted.

I am totally sticking to it until i go and will get weighed on Friday to see what ive lost before i go.....im fully expecting to gain while im away but the day i get home i'll be straight back on it.....

As much as id love to be able to keep it up while im away i know i probably couldnt lol....so have made this decision based on that xx

Ps...yes Mark this probably means u will win our little competition lol xx
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reaching my goal
Go and enjoy your self and dont worry pick up where you left off when u get back . When you are on holiday just be aware of what you are eating and drinking this may help you not to gain to much x
Thanks rose. Yeah i dont intend to splurge just cos i can. I will be looking at the healthier options, and i dont eat chips etc anyway so a healthy meals at night i will be fine with. I probably will have a drink a couple of nights....but will be sticking to spirits with diet juice so not too high in calories....

Snacking i wont do....thats my downfall and i am determined not to let that happen.

Hi Mandy, I have different take on this whole holiday thing. Don't get me wrong, I understand why people go on holiday and why they splurge but you see I go on holiday to relax and see new things, be with my wife and generally just to get away from our everyday life, food and drink does not come into it at all so I personally would not have a problem taking my packs with me and sticking to the diet.

Call me fuddy duddy but I seriously don't fully understand why this diet cannot be stuck to. But thats just me.

Oh, I would have beaten you anyway.
Its more about the inconvenience Mark. We go away in a huge group (about 20 of us this year). We have BBQs, go out for dinner most nights, have a drink a few nights. I could stick to the diet if i wanted to, course i could, but i know it would make me miserable, so im choosing not to. Probably the wrong choice, but its only one week, and i know i can get straight back in to it....so im going to enjoy myself, and not beat myself up about it :) xxx
Well enjoy yourself, wasn't aware that so many people were going and yes it would a hassle, I would probably do the same as you, very different if going on holiday by yourself.
Oh yeah if it was just me and the wee boy i would stick to it easily....but with so much of us, it would make it harder to do. I'll be good with what i eat mind you xx

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