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I am going on holiday for 2 weeks in May.
I am trying to decide what to do regarding the diet during this time. :devilangel:
I could go ss but I have already paid for half board.
The other choices are that I could increase my calorie intake, to one of the other stages... or I could eat. :banghead:
I really have no idea it will be just me and my mum and while I don't want to make her uncomfortable, I want to be a size 16 by September.
Suggestions... please...
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Why not still have a shake for brekkie and lunch then have a low calorie meal in the evening, it would be like being on the 880 plan! x
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I'm going to Florida in 3 weeks and I'm slowly building up my calories over the next 3 weeks. When I'm on holiday I'll be able to eat but I'm going to try to stick to traditional 'diet' food i'e salad, chicken, low fat salad dressing. I just thought it would ruin my holiday for me if I was constantly thinking about CD, but it's completely up to you and what you're happy doing sweetie.
Happy Holidays!:D

Last year I successfully SS'd right through a 2 week holiday in Turkey. My Mum who was also on CD didn't and ate what she fancied. We both were happy doing what we were doing and I don't think I made her uncomfortable by having my bar at the table. However there were other people with us who were eating. I thought I would eat on the holiday right up to a couple of weeks before we went but I am so glad I didn't. A couple of months after I came of for another reason - that was November and today is day 1 of my restart having regained 5 stone in 5 months, before that I never broke SS at all and suddenly I had no control. Whatever you decide, have a great time but be aware that many people struggle after a planned break to return to SS and that it is possible to have a great holiday without food.

Good luck , Kerrie x
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Hey i am also going away first wek of june for a week to greece, i was hoping to of gotton to goal by thenm but i have had to many slip ups... BUT cus we are going half board i am going to eat defo... its my choice and i am sticking to it.... its only for a week, and i will prob come back moan on the boards lol... but i am going to enjoy myself.. am so looking forward to all the food lol... thats my allways been my end goal! weather i am at goal or not...

When i get back i will jump straight back on to the diet for my wedding as my last goal and i will be at goal weight for that!!

what ever you decide best of luck to you..

im of on holiday tomorrow and coming of cd going to try stick to good stuff but am def getting back to ss straight away when i come back. im kinda worried about it as ive read on here about finding it hard to get back to it


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well wen i first started last week i thought for my holiday in june i would defo come off for 2 weeks and then throw myself in2 it wen i get back but the longer i do this the better i feel about and so i dont think it ruin my holiday for me to ss. im going to wait to the week before i go to really decide but for me becoz im feeling so good on this i think eating normal is out the question becoz i kno myself 2 well and fear thst 2 weeks will turn in2 2 months! Wot trinakmh was a fab idea- havin a shake for brekki and lunch and eating low calorie in the evening whilst glugging the water!
It is up to you tho! water u decide just make sure u have a fab holiday!!!!!! i just dont trust myself!! lol

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