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Hollie's food diary!!!

Right I feel like I need to keep a diary as I'm going way off track at the moment! I lost 15lbs in 6 weeks then had 2 nights out (first in over a year as had a baby 9 weeks ago) and ever since then I have fallen off the wagon.

At the moment I don't have a kitchen and my house is a tip as we are moving our kitchen and doing some other work on house, hopefully it will be completed in the next 2 weeks. The only problem is I can't cook in the house so I'm keeping this diary to try and stop me from buying the whole of domino pizza like we did last night :-(
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Hi just wanted to say good luck with the diet, you are doing really well. love sue xxx


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I know its hard when you have no kitchen but could you have salads, couscous, mugshots, rice, baked potatoes, etc...... The dont require that much cooking - just hot water or microwave.

Anyway just wanted to wish you luck, you are doing so well....
Thanks guys! Well I popped over to my mums today and made some food to put in my freezer so at least I can just pop it in the micro wave as can't use cooker!

So I will officially start my diary tomorrow and hopefully get back on track :)


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thats a brill idea. now you can keep on track. best of luck for the week ahead.
Not the best of days regarding fruit and veg but hoping this will change once back in my house properly.

Breakfast: missed this as was too busy with the kids

Lunch: chicken mugshot and a few slices of ham (heB)

Dinner: jacket potato with spag bol (heB)

HeA = milk for tea
Syns = sugar 4, butter 3
Yesterdays food...

Breakfast - 1 slice toast (heB)

Lunch - jacket potato with a little bit of flora light

Dinner - gammon, boiled potatoes, large salad, 2 eggs

Half a red grapefruit
Skimmed milk (heA)

Syns - 6 butter
Extra easy day

Breakfast - missed (oops)

Lunch - mugshot 1 syn

Dinner - chicken breast wrapped in bacon, new potatoes, lettuce, peppers, spring onion, pickled onion, boiled egg.

Syns - 3 sweet chilli sauce
Curly wurly 6

Milk - heA
Extra easy day!

Breakfast - 1 slice wholemeal toast (heB) scrambled egg and beans

Lunch - jacket potato, steak and large salad

Dinner - small Bolognese sauce packed full off superfree food

Syns - salad cream 3, bread 6, butter 3
Right my kitchen is complete and I have to get back on track now as there is no excuse!!

I go back to work in 8 weeks and I would love to lose another stone so that means I only have 1 1/2 stone to go after that which I'm hoping to do in time for the Xmas party!!

I really have to pick a green/red/EE day and actually stick to it for the whole day, cos at the moment I find I'm starting out with good intentions but then end up switching to EE later on in the day as things change but this means I don't have my 1/3 superfree with breakfast and lunch..

Also I have been going to spin class every Wednesday and doing kettlebells 3 times a week but I started couch 2 5k with my brother 2 weeks ago and only did day 1.. I really need to complete this as I have to be fit when I go back to work! Wish me luck as I really have to be disciplined from now on :)

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A few other things I wish to do which are not all diet related but I thought it would be good to write it down to remind me:

1 - exercise in the morning so it's out of the way!

2 - weigh my portions of potatoes/rice/pasta as I am eating far too much and don't know when to stop!

3 - start using my exfoliator and all the expensive cleansers etc that I wanted sooo much but have not bothered to use, same goes with electric tooth brush..

4 - start taking my vitamins everyday

5 - stop allowing the ironing to build up, it would be so much quicker if I ironed when it came outta the dryer rather than leave it a week.

6 - spend half hour each day preferably in the morning to hover and clean etc

These are all I can thinkof right now but I feel if I can get into a routine before going back to work it will make managing 2 young children and working shifts much easier..

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Welcome back!!
Looks like a good plan.
Sometimes writing it down makes us stick to it more.

Maybe plan your day the night before. I do that as I have to get lunch ready for work. That way I always know if I need to add 1/3 superfree to my meals.

You should be able to loose a stone before you go back to work, you certainly seem motivated to do it. And the exercise should certainly help.

How are you finding the kettlebells??

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